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The Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC), formerly the Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Churches,[1] was founded in 1998 as a body of churches that hold to Reformed (Calvinistic) theology.[2] Member churches include those from Presbyterian, Reformed, and Reformed Baptist backgrounds. As of 2013 the CREC has 78 member churches in the US and Canada and eleven in other countries including Japan, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belarus and Poland.[3]


The Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches holds to classic Calvinism (as promulgated in the Westminster Standards, Three Forms of Unity, and 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith), but on some doctrines in which Calvinists differ, (e.g., the Federal Vision, paedocommunion and paedobaptism) the CREC allows each church to decide its own stance. The Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches allows member churches to hold to any of the following historic Confessions:

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