Communist Alternative Party

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Communist Alternative Party
Leader Francesco Ricci
Founded 22 April 2006
Headquarters Via Luigi Lodi 68, Rome
Newspaper Progetto Comunista
Membership IWL-FI
Ideology Communism,
European affiliation none
International affiliation International Workers League (Fourth International)
European Parliament group none
Coalition stand-alone

The Communist Alternative Party (Partito di Alternativa Comunista, PdAC) is a communist political party in Italy. Its leader and founder is Francesco Ricci.


In April 2006 some members of Communist Project, a trotskyist faction within the Communist Refoundation Party (PRC), left the party and launched the PdAC, which was officially founded on 7 January 2007. In June 2006 Communist Project itself left the PRC under the new name of Communist Workers' Party.In 2009 this party obtained in the national election 0,06% of votes.

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