Communist Combatant Cells

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Cellules Communistes Combattantes
LeaderPierre Carette and Bertrand Sassoye
Dates of operation1983 (1983)–January 1986 (1986-01)
Active regionsBelgium
Political positionFar-left
Major actionsAttacks on property and international organisation
Means of revenueRobbery

Cellules Communistes Combattantes (CCC; Communist Combatant Cells, also known as Fighting Communist Cells) was a Communist Belgian urban guerrilla organization.

The cells were active for less than two years in the mid-1980s; primarily engaged in bombings within Belgium's borders. CCC attacked perceived enemies of communism, specifically NATO, US and other international businesses and the Federation of Belgian Enterprises. During the brief time they were active CCC carried out 26 bombings against NATO, American, German and Belgian targets. The Cellules Communistes Combattantes primarily targeted property rather than human representatives of capitalism, NATO, etc., and warned authorities ahead of an attack. Nevertheless, CCC bombings led to several injuries and two deaths.

Of the 26 bombings carried out by CCC, six were against US targets, including Honeywell and Bank of America. When they bombed a Honeywell office on October 8, 1984 they issued a statement accusing Honeywell of being "among the 20 principal military collaborators in the USA".[1]

The CCC's spate of bombings in 1985, as well as the unrelated Brabant killings at the time, shook this otherwise relatively tranquil country and created widespread security concerns. The government decided to deploy about 1,000 soldiers from the Belgian army as part of PM Wilfried Martens' security plan.[2]

In December 1985, police arrested CCC leader and founder Pierre Carette and others, in an American-styled burger restaurant. Carette's conviction on 14 January 1986 essentially eliminated the CCC.

Pierre Carette was released from prison in February 2003. In 2008, Carette and Bertrand Sassoye were arrested again on parole violations and connections to the Italian terrorist group Partito Comunista Politico-Militare, but they were released by the court a few days later, on 18 June.[3][4]

Convicted members[edit]

  • Pierre Carette
  • Bertrand Sassoye
  • Pascale Vandegeerde
  • Didier Chevolet
  • Didier Sampieri


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