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Communist Labour Party of Turkey (in Turkish: Türkiye Komünist Emek Partisi) is an illegal communist party in Turkey. TKEP was founded on May 1, 1980 by the People's Liberation Army of Turkey-Unity in Struggle (THKO-MB). THKO-MB was the pro-Soviet faction that developed out of the crumbles of the original THKO.

The general secretary of TKEP was Teslim Töre. Töre was jailed in 1993.

TKEP set up a 'Kurdish Autonomous Organization'. In 1982 it developed into the Communist Party of Kurdistan (KKP). In 1990 KKP was separated from TKEP.

In 1990 TKEP suffered a major split as the Communist Labour Party of Turkey/Leninist (TKEP/L) was founded. TKEP/L wanted to continue armed struggle.

TKEP started entering legal politics. It organized an open movement, Emek, that in 1994 joined the United Socialist Party [tr] (BSP), which would later become the Freedom and Solidarity Party (ÖDP) in 1996. In effect, through Emek, TKEP acted as a fraction within ÖDP. When ÖDP split in 2002, TKEP joined the new Socialist Labour Movement (SEH).

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