Communist Party of Canada candidates, 1984 Canadian federal election

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The Communist Party of Canada fielded several candidates in the 1984 federal election, none of whom were elected. Information about these candidates may be found on this page.


Nancy (Nan) McDonald (Eglinton—Lawrence)[edit]

McDonald was a frequent candidate for public office, campaigning for the Communist Party and the federal, provincial and municipal levels. She was a social worker in private life, and was the Central Women's organizer for the Communist Party in 1979.[1][2]

In 1986, she was listed a representative of the organization Consumers Against Rising Prices.[1] During the same year, she criticized the mainstream Canadian press for not publishing the details of a peace initiative launched by Union of Soviet Socialist Republics leader Mikhail Gorbachev.[2]

Electoral record
Election Division Party Votes % Place Winner
1974 federal Hamilton Mountain Communist 170 4/5 Gus MacFarlane, Liberal
1975 provincial Port Arthur Communist 247 4/5 Gus MacFarlane, Liberal
1976 Toronto municipal School Trustee Ward Five n/a 2,614 3/5 Judith Major and Jim Lemon
1979 federal Thunder Bay—Nipigon Communist 174 4/5 Bob Andras, Liberal
1980 federal York West Communist 85 5/6 Jim Fleming, Liberal
1981 provincial Oakwood Communist 624 3.18 4/4 Tony Grande, New Democratic Party
1982 Toronto municipal Ward Three Council n/a 1,415 4/4 Richard Gilbert and Joseph Piccininni
1984 federal Eglinton—Lawrence Communist 219 6/6 Roland de Corneille, Liberal

Please note: The 1982 municipal totals are taken from the Globe and Mail, newspaper, 9 November 1982 (90 out of 91 polls reporting).


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