Communist Party of Denmark/Marxist–Leninists

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Communist Party of Denmark/Marxist-Leninists

Danmarks Kommunistiske Parti/Marxister-Leninister
LeaderKlaus Riis, Jørgen Petersen[1]
International affiliationPro-Albanian camp

The Communist Party of Denmark/Marxist–Leninists (Danish: Danmarks Kommunistiske Parti/Marxister-Leninister, DKP/ML) was a political party in Denmark, that advocated revolutionary communism.

The DKP/ML was founded in 1978.[2] The DKP/ML took part in elections in 1984 and 1987, under the party letter L, but got less than 1000 votes in each.

After it was founded, the DKP/ML took a stand with Enver Hoxha's Albania and the Albanian Party of Labor granted it official recognition.[2] After the dissolution of socialism in Albania, they concluded that communists should get over sectarianism and unite into one party. They have tried this since, so far culminating in the November 2006 merger with Kommunistisk Samling, into Kommunistisk Parti (KP). The merger marked the abolition of DKP/ML as a party.

The DKP/ML published,[2] and the KP still publishes, the daily Arbejderen newspaper.

It also published Partiets Vej, a quarterly.[2]


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