Communist Party of Sweden (1924)

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Communist Party of Sweden
Founded 1924
Dissolved 1926
Merged into Social Democrats
Ideology Communism
Political position Left-wing
1924 election poster. Slogan reads 'Don't let the Reaction win - vote for the candidature Workers Party - Communists (Höglund wing)'. Head candidate of the list was Adolf Malmborg.

Communist Party of Sweden (Swedish: Sveriges Kommunistiska Parti) was a political party in Sweden led by Zeth Höglund.[1] Höglund broke away from the main SKP in 1924, following disagreements concerning ComIntern policies and functioning. He then set up his own SKP. Höglund's SKP had around 5,000 members, and published the newspaper Den Nya Politiken.

In 1926 SKP of Höglund merged into the Social Democrats.

Höglund's SKP had a youth wing called Arbetarnas Ungdomsförbund.


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