Communist Party of the Catalan People

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Communist Party of the Catalan People
Partit Comunista del Poble Català
Leader Miguel Guerrero
Founded 1994 (1994)
Headquarters C/Valldobina, 28, local 1, Santa Coloma de Gramenet
Youth wing Young Communists of the Catalan People
Ideology Communism
Political position Radical left

The Communist Party of the Catalan People (Catalan: Partit Comunista del Poble Català, PCPC), is a Marxist-Leninist Communist Party in Catalonia (Spain), which works in cooperation with the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain, and whose primary objective is the establishment of socialism and communism in Spain, and a confederal republic, with processes of self-determination. Their youth is the Joves Comunistes del Poble Català (CJC-JCPC,Young Communist of the Catalan People).

The PCPC was born after the expulsion on grounds of ideological Party of the Communists of Catalonia (PCC) of several of its members, like Quim Boix. He then passed to this new party militants and several different local organizations like the Santa Coloma de Gramanet which establishes its headquarters.

The PCPC is established in different areas such as Lleida in Catalonia, Tarragona and especially in the province of Barcelona, with an important base for militants in Hospitalet, Barcelona city and Santa Coloma de Gramanet.

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