Communist Workers' Party of Bulgaria

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Communist Workers' Party of Bulgaria was a council communist party in the Kingdom of Bulgaria. It was founded in September 1921, and was modelled after the Communist Workers' Party of Germany. It was founded at a conference in the city of Slivnu, a centre of the textile industry, from the 7th until the 10th January 1922. The leadership of the party was based in Varna. The party had around 1000 members, and published Rabotchnik Iskra (Workers' Spark).[1] The party was affiliated to the Communist Workers' International.[2]

The party was divided along the same lines as its German counterpart, with a Sofia-based faction close to the Essen group and the Varna-based faction close to the Berlin group. The party was disbanded as a result of repression in April 1925.[1][3]

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