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Community High School District 117 is a 9-12 high school district based in Lake Villa, Lake County, Illinois that serves both the city where it is based and the village of Antioch, Illinois, alongside Old Mill Creek and Lindenhurst.[1]District 117 is composed of two high schools: Antioch Community High School, which is located in the city of its namesake; and Lakes Community High School, which is, in turn, located in Lake Villa. The district superintendents are Jim McKay and Mike Nekritz,[2] while the mascots of the district is the Eagle of Lakes Community High School,[3] and the Sequoit of Antioch Community High School.[4] Both schools are high schools, hence the district name; therefore, both also serve grades nine through twelve. David Newberry oversees Lakes as the principal of the said school,[5] while Jabob Hubbard serves as the principal of Lakes' sister school, Antioch.[6]

Both Lakes and Antioch sport a band department and choral department;[7] as well as color guards, various teams, clubs, and honor societies.

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