Land Transport New Zealand

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Land Transport New Zealand
Ikiiki Whenua Aotearoa
Land Transport New Zealand logo.svg
Agency overview
Formed 1 December 2004
Preceding agencies
  • Land Transport Safety Authority
  • Transfund New Zealand
Dissolved 31 July 2008
Superseding agency
Jurisdiction New Zealand government
Headquarters Wellington, New Zealand
Employees ~1,000
Annual budget $2.7 billion (2009)[1]
Minister responsible
Agency executives
  • Paul Fitzharris, Acting Chair
  • Wayne Donnelly, Chief Executive
Parent agency Ministry of Transport

Land Transport New Zealand was a Crown entity in New Zealand, tasked with promoting safe and functional transport by land, and includes responsibilities such as driver and vehicle licensing. It was created on 1 December 2004 by the Land Transport Management Amendment Act 2004, was the successor entity to the disestablished Land Transport Safety Authority and Transfund New Zealand, and was disestablished from 31 July 2008,[2] merging with Transit New Zealand to become the NZ Transport Agency.[3]


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