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A logo of department of community college Malaysia, MOHE

The community college (Malay: Kolej Komuniti) system in Malaysia provides a wide range of Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) courses. Disciplines covered include accounting, architecture, construction, engineering, draughting, entrepreneurship, hospitality, personal services, multimedia, and visual arts.[1][2]

Community colleges in Malaysia are administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) via the Jabatan Pengajian Kolej Komuniti (English: Department of Community College Education).

Community college offering four type of programmes:

  • Sijil Kolej Komuniti (English: Community College Certificate)
  • Sijil Kemahiran Khas (masalah pembelajaran) (English: Special Skills Certificate (Learning Disabilities/ Difficulties))
  • Diploma secara Pembelajaran Berasaskan Kerja (English: Work Based Learning Diploma)
  • Pembelajaran Sepanjang Hayat (Kursus pendek) (English: Lifelong Learning (Short Courses))


In 2000, the Government approved a proposal by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to establish a network of educational institutions whereby vocational and technical skills training could be provided at all levels for school leavers before they entered the workforce. The community colleges also provide an infrastructure for rural communities to gain skills training through short courses as well as providing access to a post-secondary education. This institutions became known as community colleges.

Since the establishment of the first 12 pioneer community colleges in 2001, the number of Community colleges across all states in Malaysia with the exception of the Faderal Territory, has risen to 91 (as per Oct 2014). Community colleges are synonymous with Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) as they provide a multitude of programmes that are based on TVET at certificate and diploma levels.

Program offered[edit]

Community college offer 4 programmes which is;

  • Sijil Kolej Komuniti (English: Community College Certificate)
    • The community college education system provides students with the opportunity of attending full-time and continuous programme for a duration of 3 semesters at community college. To fulfill the certificate, students are required to attend a 4–6 months' industrial training programme.
  • Sijil Kemahiran Khas (masalah pembelajaran) (English: Special Skills Certificate (Learning Disabilities/ Difficulties))
    • The development of certificate for special skills is based on the needs of those with learning disabilities. The acquisition of knowledge and skills are important to empower them with a means to be more independent and capable of increasing their household incomes. This cert is in line with the need highlighted in the New Economic Model (Malaysia Policy) where the role of societal inclusiveness is emphasised.
  • Diploma secara Pembelajaran Berasaskan Kerja (English: Work Based Learning Diploma)
  • Pembelajaran Sepanjang Hayat (Kursus pendek) (English: Lifelong Learning (Short Courses))
    • Apart from offering full-time programmes, community college also offer short courses to fulfill the needs of the local communities. The aims are to inculcate interest, to motivate, to educate the community in Malaysia about lifelong learning and consequently to increase their standard of living through education.

Tuition fees and Financial assistance[edit]

Tuition fees for certificate level is standard to RM200.00 (MYR) per semester. For Certificate's student financial assistance is offered by The Ministry of Education to help them bear the financial cost of programmes.

Entry requirement[edit]

  • Community College Certificate
    • Malaysian citizen
    • A pass in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia
    • Other requirements as stipulated by MQA (Malaysia Qualification Accredation)
  • Community College Certificate (Special Skills)
    • Malaysian citizen
    • Applicants must have completed form five (5) in a Special Education School or Special Education Integrated Programme under the preview of Ministry of Education, Malaysia

Community colleges by state[edit]

The original plan of the MOE called for the establishment of community colleges in every parliamentary constituency in Malaysia. Currently, community colleges have been established in the following locations:[3]

Johor (7)[edit]

Kedah (4)[edit]

Malacca (4)[edit]

Negeri Sembilan (2)[edit]

Pahang (6)[edit]

Penang (6)[edit]

Perak (6)[edit]

Perlis (1)[edit]

Sabah (2)[edit]

Sarawak (1)[edit]

Selangor (5)[edit]

Terengganu (1)[edit]

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