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A Community hospital can be purely a nominal designation or have a more specific meaning. When specific, it refers to a hospital that is accessible to the general public, and provides a general or specific medical care which is usually short-term, in a cost-effective setting, and also focusses on preventing illnesses as on treating them.[1][2][3][4] The following countries have specified definitions for a community hospital:


In Thailand, community hospital is a specific classification of public hospitals with a capacity of 150 beds or fewer. They serve local populations in provincial districts, providing primary care.

United Kingdom[edit]


The (non-statutory) phrase is used in England in a similar manner to Scotland. Actual arrangements will be under legislation applicable to the English NHS.

Northern Ireland[edit]

In Northern Ireland the phrase has similar use to Scotland but official publications give the appearance of community hospitals being more recent as a concept rather than a mere description.


"Community Hospital" is not a statutory phrase but it is used in relation to hospitals which have been described as "a local hospital, unit or centre providing an appropriate range and format of accessible health care facilities and resources" [1]. These hospitals are typically small, using either purpose-built new premises or smaller general hospitals which have been retained to provide non-emergency services after general hospital services have been transferred to more centralised facilities; in some cases the services include in-patient care.


The (non-statutory) phrase is used in Wales in a similar (but possibly less restricted) manner to Scotland. Actual arrangements will be under legislation applicable to NHS Wales/Gig Cymru.

United States[edit]

In the United States, hospitals that are not part of a university, a health system or a chain of private hospitals are often called "community hospitals".[5]


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