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The Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) is a fellowship of over 100 Protestant churches which have signed the Leuenberg Agreement. Together they strive for realizing church fellowship, especially by cooperation in witness and service to the world. Prior to 2003 the CPCE was known as the "Leuenberg Church Fellowship".

Members are most Lutheran and Reformed churches in Europe, the United churches that originated from mergers of these churches, and pre-Reformation churches such as the Waldensians. The European Methodist churches joined the CPCE by a common declaration of church fellowship in 1997.

The General Secretary is the Reverend Dr Michael Bünker (who is also Bishop of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Austria). The offices of the CPCE are located in Vienna, Austria, shared with the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Austria.


98 churches have signed the Leuenberg Agreement since 1973 as so-called signatory churches. Seven Methodist churches belong to the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe on the basis of a "Joint Declaration to Church Fellowship." As a result of several mergers, disbanding (Federation of Ev. Ref. Congregations in the GDR) and territorial division (Reformed Christian Church in Yugoslavia), there are at present 94 churches out of 105 member churches. Out of five Scandinavian Lutheran churches, which have participated in the Leuenberg Church Fellowship since 1973 as so-called participating churches, two churches (Denmark and Norway) have lately signed the Leuenberg Agreement.

More than thirty years have passed since the Church of Lippe became the first church to sign the Leuenberg Agreement in 1973. In the meantime some things have changed:



Territorial division[edit]

  • Reformed Christian Church in Yugoslavia

Participating Churches[edit]

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, Church of Sweden and Church of Iceland have been participating in the world of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe without signing to the Leuenberg Agreement.

Member Churches[edit]

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