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Community of Science (COS) is a collection of online databases, providing research information to both the public and subscribers, and services for the research community. It is owned by ProQuest.[1]


COS was founded in 1988 by Johns Hopkins University.[2][3][4][5]

The COS databases were originally hosted online at,[6][7] on the webserver of the GDB Human Genome Database.[8] COS was also accessible via U.S. Department of Agriculture CRIS, National Science Foundation, and Department of Health and Human Services.[7]

As of 1997 the CEO and president was Huntington Williams, and the organisation was located in Baltimore, Maryland.[9]


  • COS Expertise
  • COS Funding Opportunities - categorised according to a standardised list of keywords[10]

Canadian editions of these databases also existed.[4]


  • COS Funding Alert
  • COS Funding News - published biweekly


The following organisations are subscribed:

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