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The Community of the Lamb (in French Communauté de l'Agneau) is the name of a young Roman Catholic religious institute. It consists of two branches, the Little Sisters of the Lamb (Petites Sœurs de l'Agneau) and the Little Brothers of the Lamb (Petits Frères de l'Agneau). They are a branch of the Dominican order. Since 1996, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn OP, Archbishop of Vienna, Austria has been the bishop responsible for the community.


The Little Sisters of the Lamb were founded in Southern France. They were recognized by Jean Chabbert, Archbishop of Perpignan, on February 6, 1983. The Little Brothers followed them on August 8, 1990. The Community of the Lamb currently has small monasteries in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, Argentina, Chile, and the United States.[1]

Activities and Spirituality[edit]

The community is shaped both by Dominican and by Franciscan spirituality, uniting the proclamation of the Gospel through preaching with commitment to the poor. The motto of the community is: "Wounded, I will never cease to love."[2]

The members of the community engage in active door-to-door mission by going begging for their food. They also share their table with the poor and destitute, especially with the homeless. They live together in small, informal communities.


The members wear an ankle-length light-blue tunic with a scapular of the same color, a brown leather belt and a wooden, 15-decade rosary. Professed members also wear a medal depicting a cross and a lamb. The sisters additionally wear a dark-blue veil that is bound on the neck in the style of a headscarf.


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