Comoros Premier League

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Comoros Premier League
Country Comoros
Confederation CAF
Founded 1979
Number of teams 10
Level on pyramid 1
Domestic cup(s) Comoros Cup
Comoros Super Cup
International cup(s) Champions League
Confederation Cup
Current champions Ngaya Club de Mdé
Most championships Coin Nord (7)

Comoros Premier League is the top division in Comoros, it was created in 1979. One of the venues is 2,000 capacity Stade Said Mohamed Cheikh.

2012 Comoros Premier League[edit]

Regional Leagues[edit]

2012 Grande Comoros (Ngazidja) League[edit]

2012 Mohéli (Mwali) League[edit]

2012 Anjouan (Nzwani) League[edit]

Final tournament[edit]

The champions of the three regional leagues will take part in the final tournament to determinate the champion of the 2012 Comoros Premier League.

Previous winners[edit]

Performance By Club[edit]

Club City Titles Last Title
Coin Nord Mitsamiouli 7 2011
Élan Club Mitsoudjé 4 2010
Étoile du Sud Foumboni 2 1992
US de Zilimadjou Zilimadjou 2 1998
Fomboni FC Mwali 2 2014
Volcan Club Moroni 2 2015
AJSM Mutsamudu 1 2006
Etoile d'Or Mirontsy 1 2008
Apache Club Mitsamiouli 1 2009
Djabal Club Iconi 1 2012
Komorozine de Domoni Domoni 1 2013

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