Companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (E)

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Toronto Stock Exchange listed stocks:

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Stock Name Symbol
E-L Financial Corporation Limited ELF
E-L Financial Corporation Limited ELF.PR.F
E-L Financial Corporation Limited ELF.PR.G
E-L Financial Corporation Limited ELF.PR.H
Eagle Energy Inc. EGL
East Coast Investment Grade Income Fund ECF.UN
Eastern Platinum Limited ELR
Eastmain Resources Inc. ER
Echelon Financial Holdings Inc. EFH
Eclipse Residential Mortgage Investment Corporation ERM
Eco Oro Minerals Corp. EOM
Economic Investment Trust Limited EVT
EcoSynthetix Inc. ECO
Eldorado Gold Corporation ELD
Electrovaya Inc. EFL
Element Financial Corporation EFN
Element Financial Corporation EFN.DB
Element Financial Corporation EFN.DB.A
Element Financial Corporation EFN.PR.A
Element Financial Corporation EFN.PR.C
Element Financial Corporation EFN.PR.E
Element Financial Corporation EFN.PR.G
Emera Incorporated EMA
Emera Incorporated EMA.IR
Emera Incorporated EMA.PR.A
Emera Incorporated EMA.PR.B
Emera Incorporated EMA.PR.C
Emera Incorporated EMA.PR.E
Emera Incorporated EMA.PR.F
Empire Company Limited EMP.A
Enbridge Inc. ENB
Enbridge Inc. ENB.PF.A
Enbridge Inc. ENB.PF.C
Enbridge Inc. ENB.PF.E
Enbridge Inc. ENB.PF.G
Enbridge Inc. ENB.PF.U
Enbridge Inc. ENB.PF.V
Enbridge Inc. ENB.PR.A
Enbridge Inc. ENB.PR.B
Enbridge Inc. ENB.PR.D
Enbridge Inc. ENB.PR.F
Enbridge Inc. ENB.PR.H
Enbridge Inc. ENB.PR.J
Enbridge Inc. ENB.PR.N
Enbridge Inc. ENB.PR.P
Enbridge Inc. ENB.PR.T
Enbridge Inc. ENB.PR.U
Enbridge Inc. ENB.PR.V
Enbridge Inc. ENB.PR.Y
Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. ENF
Encana Corporation ECA
Endeavour Mining Corporation EDV
Endeavour Silver Corp. EDR
Endo International plc ENL
EnerCare Inc. ECI
EnerCare Inc. ECI.DB
EnerCare Inc. ECI.R
Enerflex Ltd. EFX
Energizer Resources Inc. EGZ
Energy Credit Opportunities Income Fund PCF.U
Energy Credit Opportunities Income Fund PCF.UN
Energy Fuels Inc. EFR
Energy Fuels Inc. EFR.DB
Energy Income Fund ENI.UN
Energy Leaders Income Fund HEN.UN
Energy Leaders Plus Income Fund HPF.UN
Enerplus Corporation ERF
Enghouse Systems Limited ESL
Ensign Energy Services Inc. ESI
Enterprise Group Inc. E
ENTREC Corporation ENT
ENTREC Corporation ENT.DB
Entree Gold Inc. ETG
Epsilon Energy Ltd. EPS
Epsilon Energy Ltd. EPS.DB
Equitable Group Inc. EQB
Equitable Group Inc. EQB.PR.C
Equity Financial Holdings Inc. EQI
Erdene Resource Development Corporation ERD
Espial Group Inc. ESP
Essa Pharma Inc. EPI
Essential Energy Services Ltd. ESN
Etrion Corporation ETX
Europe Blue-Chip Dividend & Growth Fund EBC.UN
European Strategic Balanced Fund EBF.UN
Evertz Technologies Limited ET
exactEarth Ltd. XCT
Excel India Growth & Income Fund EGI.UN
Excellon Resources Inc. EXN
Exchange Income Corporation EIF
Exchange Income Corporation EIF.DB.D
Exchange Income Corporation EIF.DB.E
Exchange Income Corporation EIF.DB.F
Exchange Income Corporation EIF.DB.G
Exco Technologies Limited XTC
Exeter Resource Corporation XRC
Extendicare Inc. EXE
Extendicare Inc. EXE.DB.B

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