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The Companion Animal Parasite Council (also commonly referred to as CAPC, pronounced "Cap-C", is a non-profit organization (501c3) composed of practicing veterinarians, academic veterinary parasitologists, veterinary technicians, state public health veterinarians, and staff from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who are dedicated to reducing the numbers of parasites in dogs and cats along with reducing the risk of transmitting these parasites and diseases to humans.

The group is sponsored mainly by industrial sponsors that are devoted to maintaining the health of pets through improved parasiticides and diagnostics that can be used by practitioners and clients in a safe and consumer-friendly manner.

Academic Veterinary Parasitologists[edit]

  • Dr. Byron Blagburn, Auburn University
  • Dr. Dwight D. Bowman, Cornell University
  • Dr. Sharon Patton, University of Tennessee
  • Dr. Bill Stich, University of Missouri
  • Dr. Susan Little, Oklahoma State University


  • Dr. Cathy Lund, Rhode Island
  • Dr. Jay Stewart, Oregon
  • Dr. Craig Prior, Tennessee
  • Dr. Rick Marrinson, Florida

Public Health Veterinarian[edit]

  • Dr. Emilio DeBess, Oregon

Veterinary Technician[edit]

  • Julie Legred, Minnesota

Other Academics[edit]

  • Dr Robert Lund, Clemson University

CDC Liaison[edit]

  • Dr. Patricia Wilkins, Georgia

Executive Director[edit]

  • Dr Chris Carpenter

Recent publications include a series of articles on a number of diseases that impact both animals and people developed from a workshop composed of members of CAPC along with members of the American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. The articles appeared in February 2010 in "Trends in Parasitology.".[1] This series of articles discusses giardiasis, cryptosporidiosis, toxoplasmosis, toxocariasis, hookworms disease, dirofilariasis (heartworm), baylisascariasis, tick and flea transmitted zoonotic diseases affecting people and animals. Another publication on fleas and ticks that includes authors who are present and past CAPC members is "The Biology, Treatment, and Control of Flea and TIck Infestations." The Veterinary Clinics of North America, Small Animal Medicine


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