List of Companions of the Order of Australia

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This is a list of Companions of the Order of Australia.

Award synopsis[edit]

The Order of Australia is the only Australian order of chivalry. It was established on 14 February 1975 by Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia, to recognise Australian citizens and other persons for achievement, meritorious service, or for both. At that time, the Companion of the Order of Australia was the highest of three grades of the Order (Companion, Officer, Member). On 24 May 1976, the grade of Knight or Dame of the Order was established, displacing Companion as the highest grade. On 3 June 1986, the Knight/Dame grade was abolished, and Companion was once again the highest grade. On 25 March 2014, the Knight/Dame grade was re-established, Companion once again being relegated to the second highest grade of the Order.


The Order has two divisions; General and Military. Recipients who are not Australian citizens are appointed Honorary Companions.

Knights and Dames[edit]

Seven Companions have later been promoted to Knight or Dame of the Order of Australia: Sir John Kerr, Sir Gordon Jackson, Dame Quentin Bryce, Sir Peter Cosgrove, Dame Marie Bashir, Sir Angus Houston and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Australian Companions[edit]

General Division[edit]

Name Born Died Notability Awarded[1] Notes[2]
Abeles, Sir PeterSir Peter Abeles 1924 1999 Transportation magnate 1991 A [1]
Adler, RossRoss Adler 194? Managing Director Santos Ltd 1986–2000, Chair of Adelaide Festival Corporation Board 2005–, Chairman of Austrade 2007 Q [2]
Albrecht, MartinMartin Albrecht  ? Chairman, previously CEO (1985–2000), of Thiess Pty Ltd, etc. 2002 Q [3]
Anderson, Dame JudithDame Judith Anderson 1897 1992 Stage and film actress 1991 Q [4]
Anthony, DougDoug Anthony 1929 Politician, National Party Leader 1971–84, Deputy Prime Minister 1971–72 and 1975–83 2003 Q [5]
Antico, Sir TristanSir Tristan Antico 1923 2004 Founder of Pioneer Concrete; champion horse breeder 1983 A [6]
Argus, DonDon Argus 1938 Philanthropist, businessman 2010 A [7]
Armstrong, JohnJohn Armstrong 1908 1977 Senator 1937–62, minister, Lord Mayor of Sydney, High Commissioner to the United Kingdom 1977 A [8]
Arnison, Maj Gen PeterMaj Gen Peter Arnison 1940 Land Commander Australia 1994–96, Governor of Queensland 1997–2003 2001 30 March 2001
Asche, AustinAustin Asche 1925 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory 1987–93, Administrator of the Northern Territory 1993–97 1994 A [9]
Ayers, TonyTony Ayers 1933 Secretary of Departments of Aboriginal Affairs, Social Security, Community Services, Community Services and Health and Defence; Chairman of Canberra Raiders football team 1993 A [10]
Bacon, JimJim Bacon 1950 2004 Premier of Tasmania 1998–2004 2005 Q [11]
Balderstone, Sir JamesSir James Balderstone 1921 2014 Chairman of AMP, Chairman of BHP, Deputy Chairman of Westpac, etc. 1992 A [12]
Ball, WilliamWilliam Ball 1901 1986 Academic and diplomat 1978 Q [13]
Bandler, FaithFaith Bandler 1920 2015 Indigenous Australian and South Sea Islander Rights campaigner and activist 2009 A [14]
Bashir, Prof MarieProf Marie Bashir 1930 Governor of New South Wales 2001–14; in 2014 she was promoted to Dame of the Order of Australia (AD) 2001 30 March 2001
Baume, Prof PeterProf Peter Baume 1935 Politician and cabinet minister; gastroentologist; physician; clinical lecturer; Chancellor of the Australian National University; etc. 2008 Q [15]
Beattie, PeterPeter Beattie 1952 Premier of Queensland 1998–2007 2012 Q [16]
Beaurepaire, Dame BerylDame Beryl Beaurepaire 1923 Chairman of the Council of the Australian War Memorial 1991 Q [17]
Beazley, KimKim Beazley 1948 Leader of the Opposition 2009 A [18]
Belgiorno-Nettis, FrancoFranco Belgiorno-Nettis 1915 2006 Co-Founder of the construction and engineering company Transfield 1997 A [19]
Bell, VirginiaVirginia Bell 1951 Justice of the High Court of Australia 2012 A [20]
Bennett, Dr DavidDr David Bennett 1941 SJD, QC, Barrister, Commonwealth Solicitor-General 1998–2008 2008 Q [21]
Beral, Prof Dame ValerieProf Dame Valerie Beral 1946 Epidemiologist 2010 Q [22]
Berkovic, SamuelSamuel Berkovic  ? Neurologist, Laureate Professor of Medicine, University of Melbourne 2014 A [23]
Besley, MorrishMorrish Besley 1927 For service to the community through the promotion of economic and social development, the advancement of science, innovation and education, and for distinction at the forefront of government and corporate responsibilities 2002 A [24]
Birch, Prof ArthurProf Arthur Birch 1915 1995 Organic chemist 1987 Q [25]
Black, Sir HermannSir Hermann Black 1904 1990 Economist, schoolteacher, academic, government advisor, radio broadcaster, public-affairs commentator and Chancellor of the University of Sydney in the 1970s and 1980s. ADBKtB 1986 Q [26]
Black, MichaelMichael Black 1940 Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Australia 1998 A [27]
Blackburn, Prof CharlesProf Charles Blackburn 1913 For service to the development of academic medicine and medical education in Australia 2006 A [28]
Blackburn, ElizabethElizabeth Blackburn 1948 Scientist, Nobel laureate 2010 A [29]
Blainey, Prof GeoffreyProf Geoffrey Blainey 1930 Historian 2000 A [30]
Blewett, Dr NealDr Neal Blewett 1933 Academic, Professor; Politician, Cabinet Minister 1983–93; High Commissioner to the United Kingdom 1994–98; etc. 1995 Q [31]
Block, DavidDavid Block 1936 In recognition of service to governments and government administration 1988 Q [32]
Bonynge, RichardRichard Bonynge 1930 Operatic conductor 2012 A [33]
Bonython, KymKym Bonython 1920 2011 Entrepreneur, art collector, Chairman of the SA Jubilee 150 Board, etc. 1987 A [34]
Bowen, LionelLionel Bowen 1922 2012 Solicitor, council alderman and mayor, politician 1962–90, Deputy Prime Minister 1983–90 1991 A [35]
Bowen, Sir NigelSir Nigel Bowen 1911 1994 Solicitor, barrister, judge; politician, Attorney-General, Cabinet Minister. 1988 A [36]
Boyd, ArthurArthur Boyd 1920 1999 Artist 1992 Q [37]
Bracks, SteveSteve Bracks 1954 Premier of Victoria from 1999 to 2007 2010 Q [38]
Bradley, Prof DeniseProf Denise Bradley  ? Higher education administrator; Vice-chancellor University of South Australia; Bradley Review of Higher Education (2008) 2008 A [39]
Bradman, Sir DonaldSir Donald Bradman 1908 2001 Cricketer 1979 Q [40]
Bray, Dr John JeffersonDr John Jefferson Bray 1912 1995 LL.D., poet, lawyer, academic, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia 1967–78 1979 Q [41]
Brennan, Sir GerardSir Gerard Brennan 1928 Chief Justice of the High Court 1995–98 1988 A [42]
Brown, EdwinEdwin Brown 1938 For service to the engineering profession as a world expert in the field of rock mechanics 2001 A [43]
Brown, Robert HanburyRobert Hanbury Brown 1916 2002 Astronomer and physicist 1986 Q [44]
Bryce, Dame QuentinDame Quentin Bryce 1942 First woman admitted to the Queensland bar; Governor of Queensland; first woman Governor-General of Australia; in 2014 she was promoted to Dame of the Order of Australia (AD) 2003 30 April 2003
Bunting , Sir JohnSir John Bunting 1918 1995 Secretary, Department of the Prime Minister 1959–68 & 1971–75; High Commissioner to the United Kingdom 1975–77 1982 A [45]
Burgess, Antony WilksAntony Wilks Burgess 1946 Researcher into the early diagnosis and treatment of cancer 1998 Q [46]
Burrows, EvaEva Burrows 1929 2015 13th General (world leader) of the Salvation Army 1994 A [47]
Burt, Sir FrancisSir Francis Burt 1918 2004 Queen's Counsel; Chief Justice of Western Australia 1977–88; Governor of Western Australia 1990–93 1988 Q [48]
Butler , RichardRichard Butler 1942 Diplomat; UN weapons inspector; Governor of Tasmania 2003–04 2003 5 Sept 2003
Butlin, NoelNoel Butlin 1921 1991 Education, particularly in the study of economic growth 1992 A [49]
Byrne, EdEd Byrne 1952 Neuroscientist, Vice-Chancellor of Monash University (2009–2014), etc. 2014 A [50]
Bywaters, StellaStella Bywaters 1919 2009 For service to the international community, during an unsafe and dangerous period in Uganda, through the provision of humanitarian aid and nursing care to improve the lives of the sick, poor and dispossessed and to the Salvation Army 2005 Q [51]
Calder, Dr JeanDr Jean Calder  ? For humanitarian service in the Middle East; [52] 2005 A [53]
Callinan, Sir BernardSir Bernard Callinan 1913 1995 In recognition of service to the Public Service and the community 1986 A [54]
Callinan, IanIan Callinan 1937 Justice of the High Court of Australia 1998–2007 2003 A [55]
Calvert, AshtonAshton Calvert 1945 2007 For service to the development of Australian foreign policy 2003 A [56]
Campbell, Prof EnidProf Enid Campbell 1932 2010 Distinguished legal scholar, first female professor and Dean of a law school 2005 A [57]
Campbell , Sir WalterSir Walter Campbell 1921 2004 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Queensland 1982–85, Governor of Queensland 1985–92 1989 A [58]
Carnegie, Sir RoderickSir Roderick Carnegie 1932 Businessman, primarily working in the coal industry 2003 Q [59]
Carnley, Rev Dr PeterRev Dr Peter Carnley 1937 Anglican Bishop, Archbishop of Perth 1981–2005, Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia 2000–05 2007 Q [60]
Carrick, Sir JohnSir John Carrick 1918 Politician, senator 1971–83, minister 1975–83 2008 A [61]
Casey, Lady (Maie)Lady (Maie) Casey 1892 1983 Pioneer aviatrix, poet, librettist, biographer, memoirist and artist; wife of Governor-General Lord Casey 1982 A [62]
Cassidy, Cardinal EdwardCardinal Edward Cassidy 1924 Roman Catholic Cardinal Priest 1991, President Emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity within the Vatican 1990 Q [63]
Chalmers, John PhilipJohn Philip Chalmers 1937 In recognition of services to medical science, particularly in the field of cardiovascular physiology 1991 Q [64]
Champion de Crespigny, RobertRobert Champion de Crespigny 1950 For service to the mining industry, to business, and to the community in the areas of cultural preservation and education 2002 Q [65]
Chang, Dr VictorDr Victor Chang 1936 1991 Cardiothoracic surgeon and pioneer of modern organ transplantation 1986 A [66]
Chernov, AlexAlex Chernov 1938 Governor of Victoria 2012 A [67]
Chubb, Prof IanProf Ian Chubb 1943 Vice Chancellor and President of the Australian National University 2001–present 2006 Q [68]
Clancy , Cardinal EdwardCardinal Edward Clancy 1923 2014 Catholic Archbishop of Sydney 1983–2001 1992 A [69]
Clark, Prof GraemeProf Graeme Clark 1935 Developed the Cochlear implant 2004 A [70]
Clark, Sir LindesaySir Lindesay Clark 1896 1986 Technical Managing Director Western Mining Corporation 1933–1962 1975 Q [71]
Clark, Prof ManningProf Manning Clark 1915 1991 Historian 1975 Q [72]
Clarke, Prof AdrienneProf Adrienne Clarke 1938 Scientist, academic and researcher 2004 A [73]
Coates , JohnJohn Coates 1949 President of the Australian Olympic Committee 2006 Q [74]
Codd, MikeMike Codd 1939 Secretary to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 1991 A [75]
Corden, Warner MaxWarner Max Corden 1927 Economist 2001 A [76]
Cornforth, Prof Sir JohnProf Sir John Cornforth 1917 2013 Scientist, 1975 Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1991 A [77]
Cory, SuzanneSuzanne Cory 1942 Biomedical researcher 1999 A [78]
Costello, PeterPeter Costello 1957 Lawyer, politician, cabinet minister, etc. 2011 A [79]
Court, RichardRichard Court 1947 Premier of Western Australia 2003 Q [80]
Cox, WilliamWilliam Cox 1936 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Tasmania 1995–2004, Governor of Tasmania 2004–2008 1999 Q [81]
Crawford, JamesJames Crawford 1948 Academic and practitioner in the field of public international law. 2013 Q [82]
Crawford, Sir JohnSir John Crawford 1910 1984 For eminent and meritorious public service and services to commerce, industry, trade, agriculture, learning and international relations 1978 A [83]
Crennan, Justice SusanJustice Susan Crennan 1945 Justice of the High Court of Australia 2008 A [84]
Cullen , MajGen PaulMajGen Paul Cullen 1909 2007 Decorated field commander in World War II, founding President of Austcare, founder of Mainguard merchant bank 1988 A [85]
Curran, CharlesCharles Curran 1938 For service to business and commerce 2006 Q [86]
Curtis, DavidDavid Curtis 1927 In recognition of service to medicine and science, particularly in the fields of research and administration 1992 A [87]
Cutler, HelenHelen Cutler 1923 1990 For public and community service to the people of New South Wales 1980 Q [88]
Daft, DouglasDouglas Daft 1943 CEO of Coca-Cola 2000–04 2005 Q [89]
Darling, Leonard GordonLeonard Gordon Darling 1921 2015 For service to the arts through vision, advice and philanthropy 2004 A [90]
Darling, Marilyn AnnMarilyn Ann Darling 1943 For service to the development, advancement and growth of visual arts 2009 A [91]
Davenport, JackJack Davenport  ? For service to business and industry and to the community 1991 Q [92]
David, DavidDavid David 1940 Craniofacial surgeon 1988 A [93]
Davis, GlynGlyn Davis 1959 Academic; Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne 2002 A [94]
Dawson, Sir DarylSir Daryl Dawson 1933 Justice of the High Court of Australia 1982–97 1988 A [95]
de Jersey, PaulPaul de Jersey 1948 QC, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Queensland 2000 Q [96]
de Kretser, Prof DavidProf David de Kretser 1939 Medical researcher; Governor of Victoria 2006–present 2006 Q [97]
Deane, Sir WilliamSir William Deane 1931 Justice of the High Court of Australia 1982–95; Governor-General 1996–2001 1988 A [98]
Denton, Prof DerekProf Derek Denton 1924 Scientist renowned for his research exploring the nature of consciousness in animals 2005 A [99]
Derham, Sir PeterSir Peter Derham 1925 2008 Businessman and philanthropist 2001 A [100]
Doherty, Prof PeterProf Peter Doherty 1940 Veterinary surgeon, medical researcher, 1996 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1997 Australian of the Year 1997 A [101]
Downer, AlexanderAlexander Downer 1951 Politician, longest-serving Minister for Foreign Affairs (1996–2007), etc. 2013 A [102]
Downing, RegReg Downing 1904 1994 In recognition of service to politics and government 1979 Q [103]
Doyle, JohnJohn Doyle 1945 QC, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia 2002 Q [104]
Drysdale, Sir RussellSir Russell Drysdale 1912 1981 Artist 1980 Q [105]
Dunlop, Sir Edward "Weary"Sir Edward "Weary" Dunlop 1907 1993 Surgeon, Army Officer, Prisoner of War 1987 Q [106]
Dunning, RossRoss Dunning  ? For service to the development of transport systems, particularly the development of modern and efficient rail services, to the export economy, to the construction industry, and to the community through support for cultural activities and charitable organisations 2002 A [107]
Dunstan, DonDon Dunstan 1926 1999 QC, Premier of South Australia 1967–68 & 1970–79 1979 Q [108]
Dunstan, LtGen Sir DonaldLtGen Sir Donald Dunstan 1923 2011 Chief of the General Staff 1977–82, Governor of South Australia 1982–91 1991 A [109]
Dupain, MaxMax Dupain 1911 1992 Photographer 1992 A [110]
Durack, Dame MaryDame Mary Durack 1913 1994 Author, historian 1989 Q [111]
Eccles, Sir JohnSir John Eccles 1903 1997 Neurophysiologist, 1963 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1990 A [112]
Edwards, Sir LlewSir Llew Edwards 1935 Deputy Premier of Queensland 1978–83, Chancellor of the University of Queensland 1993–present 1989 A [113]
Elliott, HerbHerb Elliott 1938 Olympic athlete 2002 Q [114]
Elphick, Sr Mary BerniceSr Mary Bernice Elphick 1921 2008 For service to medicine and to the community as a pioneer in the development of health care and as a driving force in the success of the multi-disciplinary initiatives established at St Vincent's Private Hospital, Sydney; [115] OBE 1977 Q, AM 1986 A 2006 A [2]
Evans, TedTed Evans  ? Economic policy development 1999 Q [116]
Evans, Prof GarethProf Gareth Evans 1944 Minister for Foreign Affairs 1988–1996 2012 Q [117]
Evatt, ElizabethElizabeth Evatt 1933 Chief Judge of the Family Court of Australia and the first female judge of an Australian Federal Court 1995 Q [118]
Fahey, JohnJohn Fahey 1945 Politician 1984–2001, Premier of New South Wales 1992–95, Federal Minister for Finance 1996–2001 2002 A [119]
Fairfax, JamesJames Fairfax 1933 Businessman, philanthropist 2010 A [120]
Fairfax, Lady (Mary)Lady (Mary) Fairfax 1922 Philanthropist 2005 A [121]
Fairfax, TimothyTimothy Fairfax 1946 For eminent service to business and to the community, as an advocate for philanthropy and as a major supporter of the visual arts, to the promotion of higher education opportunities, and to rural and regional development programs. 2014 A [122]
Fenner, FrankFrank Fenner 1914 2010 Virologist 1989 A [123]
Fenton, CharlesCharles Fenton 1912 2009 In recognition of service to the Parliament of Tasmania and to the community 1982 A [124]
Ferris, WilliamWilliam Ferris 1945 For service to the community through a range of philanthropic endeavours, as a leader in support of medical research, and to business and commerce through ongoing roles supporting Australian exports, venture capital and private equity 2008 A [125]
Field, MichaelMichael Field 1948 Premier of Tasmania 2003 Q [126]
Fischer, TimTim Fischer 1946 Politician, National Party of Australia leader 1990–99, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia 1996–99, etc. 2005 A [127]
Fitzgerald, KaareneKaarene Fitzgerald 1945 2003 Founder and Executive Director of SIDS and Kids 1999 A [128]
Fitzgerald, TonyTony Fitzgerald 1941 QC, Judge of the Federal Court 1981–84, best known for the Fitzgerald Inquiry into corruption 1987–89, etc. 1991 A [129]
Flynn, Francis StanislausFrancis Stanislaus Flynn 1906 2000 In recognition of service to medicine, particularly through research into Aboriginal eye health and to the community 1993 A [130]
Forde, LeneenLeneen Forde 1935 Chancellor of Griffith University 2000–present, Governor of Queensland 1992–97 1993 A [131]
Fox, LindsayLindsay Fox 1935 Transportation magnate 2008 A [132]
Fox, RussellRussell Fox 1920 - In recognition of service to the law and to government 1989 Q [133]
Fraser, MalcolmMalcolm Fraser 1930 2015 22nd Prime Minister of Australia 1975–83, chair of Care International 1988 Q [134]
Frazer, Prof IanProf Ian Frazer 1953 Creator of the HPV vaccine against cervical cancer 2012 Q [135]
French, RobertRobert French 1947 Chief Justice of the High Court 2010 A [136]
Frost, Dame PhyllisDame Phyllis Frost 1917 2004 Welfare worker and philanthropist, known for her commitment to unpopular causes, most notably helping women prisoners 1992 A [137]
Gallop, Geoff Geoff Gallop 1951 Academic, politician, Premier of Western Australia 2001–06 2008 Q [138]
Gibbs, Sir HarrySir Harry Gibbs 1917 2005 QC, Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia 1981–87 1987 Q [139]
Gleeson, GeraldGerald Gleeson 1928 Secretary of the NSW Premier's Department 1989 A [140]
Gleeson, MurrayMurray Gleeson 1938 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales 1988–98, Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia 1998–present 1992 A [141]
Gobbo, Sir JamesSir James Gobbo 1931 QC, Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria 1978–94, Governor of Victoria 1997–2000 1993 A [142]
Gonski, DavidDavid Gonski 1953 Business and commerce as a company director 2007 Q [143]
Goode, CharlesCharles Goode 1939 Chairman of ANZ Bank since 1995, company director, etc. 2001 Q [144]
Goodnow, JacquelineJacqueline Goodnow In recognition of service to research into child development and education in the discipline of psychology 1992 Q [145]
Gorton, Sir JohnSir John Gorton 1911 2002 19th Prime Minister of Australia 1968–71 1988 Q [146]
Green, Prof Adele ChandlerProf Adele Chandler Green For service to medical research through significant advances made in the field of the epidemiology of skin cancer and ovarian cancer, to public health including improved Indigenous health, and for leadership in the wider scientific community. 2004 Q [147]
Green, Sir GuySir Guy Green 1937 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Tasmania 1973–95, Governor of Tasmania 1995–2003, Administrator of the Commonwealth 2003 1994 A [148]
Greiner, NickNick Greiner 1947 Premier of New South Wales 1994 Q [149]
Grundy, RegReg Grundy 1923 Media and television entrepreneur 2008 Q [150]
Guilfoyle, Dame MargaretDame Margaret Guilfoyle 1926 Senator, first woman to be a member of Cabinet, Minister for Social Security 1975–80, Minister for Finance 1980–83 2005 Q [151]
Gummow, WilliamWilliam Gummow 1942 Justice of the High Court of Australia 1995–present 1997 A [152]
Gunn, Sir WilliamSir William Gunn 1914 2003 Chairman of the Australian Wool Board 1990 A [153]
Haire, JamesJames Haire 1946 For eminent service to the community through international leadership in ecumenical and interfaith dialogue, the promotion of religious reconciliation, inclusion and peace, and as a theologian. 2013 A [154]
Hamer, Sir RupertSir Rupert Hamer 1916 2004 Premier of Victoria 1972–81; for service to the arts, particularly as Chairman of the Victoria State Opera, and to the community 1992 A [155]
Hamlin, CatherineCatherine Hamlin 1924 Obstetrician and gynaecologist; For service to gynaecology in developing countries particularly in the field of fistula surgery and for humanitarian service to improving the health, dignity and self-esteem of women in Ethiopia. 1995 A [156]
Harris, TedTed Harris 1927 - Community service 1989 Q [157]
Harry, RalphRalph Harry 1917 2002 High Commissioner to Singapore 1956–57; Director of ASIS 1958–60; Ambassador to the United Nations; Director of the Australian Institute of International Affairs 1980 Q [158]
Hawke, AllanAllan Hawke 1948 Public administration at senior levels 2010 Q [159]
Hawke, BobBob Hawke 1929 23rd Prime Minister of Australia 1983–91 1979 A [160]
Hay, John A.John A. Hay 1942 Vice-Chancellor of the University of Queensland 1996–2007 2004 A [161]
Hayden, BillBill Hayden 1933 Politician, Foreign Minister 1983–88, Governor-General 1989–96 1989 16 Feb 1989
Hayne, KennethKenneth Hayne 1945 Justice of the High Court of Australia 1997–present 2002 Q [162]
Heinze, Sir BernardSir Bernard Heinze 1894 1982 Professor of Music at the University of Melbourne; Professor of Music, conductor and Director of the New South Wales State Conservatorium of Music 1976 A [163]
Henderson, PeterPeter Henderson 1928 Secretary to the Department of Foreign Affairs 1985 A [164]
Henry, Dr KenDr Ken Henry 1957 Secretary to the Treasury 2007 A [165]
Heseltine, Sir WilliamSir William Heseltine 1930 Private Secretary to the Sovereign 1986–90 1988 A [166]
Hetzel, Dr BasilDr Basil Hetzel 1922 Medical researcher who has made a major contribution to combating iodine deficiency 1990 Q [167]
Heydon, DysonDyson Heydon 1943 Judge of the High Court of Australia 2004 Q [2]
Hielscher, Sir LeoSir Leo Hielscher 1926 Senior Queensland public servant and administrator 2004 Q [168]
Hill, Prof DorothyProf Dorothy Hill 1907 1998 For service to geology particularly as a palaeontologist and to research and learning; first female professor at an Australian university 1993 A [169]
Hill, RobertRobert Hill 1946 Minister for Defence (2001–06), Permanent Representative of Australia to the United Nations (2006–09) 2012 Q [170]
Hogarth, DavidDavid Hogarth For service to the legal profession and to the community 1983 Q [171]
Holland, Sir JohnSir John Holland 1914 2009 Construction magnate; For service to the community, particularly to youth and in the field of medical research 1988 Q [172]
Hollingworth, Rev PeterRev Peter Hollingworth 1935 Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane; 23rd Governor-General 2001 29 June 2001
Hollows, Prof FredProf Fred Hollows 1929 1993 Ophthalmologist 1991 Q [173]
Holmes à Court, JanetJanet Holmes à Court 1943 Businesswoman in the construction, wine and cattle industries 2007 A [174]
Hope, A. D.A. D. Hope 1907 2000 Poet 1981 A [175]
Hope, RobertRobert Hope 1919 1999 For service to the law, to government, to learning and conservation 1989 A [176]
Hopper, Prof StephenProf Stephen Hopper 1951 Foundation Professor of Plant Conservation Biology at the University of Western Australia 2012 Q [177]
Howard, JohnJohn Howard 1939 25th Prime Minister of Australia 1996–2007 2008 Q [178]
Inglis, Sir BrianSir Brian Inglis 1924 2014 Services to industry and technology KtB 1988 Q [179]
Jackson, Sir GordonSir Gordon Jackson 1924 1991 Businessman; 1983 promoted to Knight of the Order of Australia (AK) 1976 A [180]
Jackson, MargaretMargaret Jackson 1953 Chairwoman of Qantas 2003 Q [181]
Jackson, RobertRobert Jackson 1911 1991 Under Secretary-General and Special Adviser to the United Nations Organisation 1986 Q [182]
Jackson-Nelson, MarjorieMarjorie Jackson-Nelson 1931 Olympic athlete, Governor of South Australia 2001–07 2001 27 Aug 2001
James, MajGen WilliamMajGen William James 1930 National President of the RSL 1998 A [183]
Jeffery, MajGen MichaelMajGen Michael Jeffery 1937 Military commander, Governor of Western Australia, Governor-General of Australia 1996 Q [184]
Johnson, RichardRichard Johnson Inaugural Chancellor of the University of Technology, Sydney 2002 A [185]
Johnston, BobBob Johnston Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia 1986 Q [186]
Jordan, DeirdreDeirdre Jordan 1926 Academic and educator, particularly with Aboriginal communities 1989 A [187]
Karmel, Prof PeterProf Peter Karmel 1922 2008 Economist, academic,First Vice-Chancellor of Flinders University 1966,Vice-Chancellor Australian National University 1982–87 1976 A [188]
Keating, MichaelMichael Keating 1940 Secretary to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 1996 A [189]
Kelty, BillBill Kelty 1948 For service to the trade union movement, particularly through the establishment of the universal system of superannuation 2008 Q [190]
Kennett, JeffJeff Kennett 1948 Premier of Victoria 1992–99 2005 A [191]
Kerr, Sir JohnSir John Kerr 1914 1991 Governor-General 1974–77; inaugural Principal Companion; inaugural Principal Knight. 1975 14 Feb 1975
Keys, Sir WilliamSir William Keys 1923 2000 Company director. National Secretary, 1961–1978, then National President, 1978–1988, Returned Services League of Australia 1988 Q [192]
Kidman, NicoleNicole Kidman 1967 Academy Award-winning actress (2003) and humanitarian 2006 A [193]
Kiefel, SusanSusan Kiefel 1954 High Court judge 2011 Q [194]
Killen, Sir JamesSir James Killen 1925 2007 Barrister, politician, Minister 2004 Q [195]
Kilpatrick, William JohnWilliam John Kilpatrick Community service 1981 A [196]
Kincaid-Smith, Dr PriscillaDr Priscilla Kincaid-Smith 1926 2015 For service to medicine, particularly in the field of nephrology 1989 Q [197]
King, LenLen King 1925 2011 Politician, Cabinet Minister; lawyer, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia 1978–95 1987 Q [198]
Kinnaird, Malcolm AlexanderMalcolm Alexander Kinnaird For service through the development of public policy in the defence procurement, infrastructure and energy sectors, and to business 2009 Q [199]
Kirby, MichaelMichael Kirby 1939 Justice of the High Court of Australia 1996–2009 1991 A [200]
Kirby, Sir RichardSir Richard Kirby 1904 2001 President of the Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission. For distinguished service to the advertising industry in Australia and to the Herbert Vere Evatt Memorial Foundation. 1985 A [201]
Kirk, JamesJames Kirk Chairman of the Australian Bicentennial Authority 1988 Q [202]
Kirner, JoanJoan Kirner 1938 Premier of Victoria (1990–92) 2012 Q [203]
Kitto, Sir FrankSir Frank Kitto 1903 1994 Justice of the High Court of Australia 1950–70 1983 A [204]
Knott, Sir JohnSir John Knott 1910 1999 Service to industry and the community 1981 Q [205]
Kramer, Dame LeonieDame Leonie Kramer 1924 For service to Australian literature, to education and to the community 1993 A [206]
Landels, JohnJohn Landels Chairman of the National Grid Management Council 1996 Q [207]
Landy, JohnJohn Landy 1930 Olympic athlete; Governor of Victoria 2001–06. 2001 30 March 2001
Laurie, JohnJohn Laurie Consulting engineer 2003 Q [208]
Law, PhillipPhillip Law 1912 2010 Prominent in Antarctic exploration and research 1995 A [209]
Leibler, MarkMark Leibler For service to business, to the law, particularly in the areas of taxation and commercial law, to the Jewish community internationally and in Australia, and to reconciliation and the promotion of understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians 2005 A [210]
Leslie, JamesJames Leslie 1922 2012 Chairman of Qantas 1980-89 1993 A [211]
Logan, Prof MalProf Mal Logan Geographer and university administrator 1996 A [212]
Loton, BrianBrian Loton 1929 Industrialist 1989 A [213]
Lowy, FrankFrank Lowy 1930 Businessman and philanthropist 2000 A [214]
Lucas, GeoffreyGeoffrey Lucas Service to the law 1983 Q [215]
Macfarlane, IanIan Macfarlane 1946 Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) 1996–2006 2004 A [216]
Mackerras, Sir CharlesSir Charles Mackerras 1925 2010 Classical conductor 1997 A [217]
Macrossan, Chief Justice JohnChief Justice John Macrossan 1930 2008 For service to the law, to higher education and the arts 1993 Q [218]
Maddern, Justice BarryJustice Barry Maddern 1937 1994 President of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission 1992 Q [219]
Malcolm, DavidDavid Malcolm 1938 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Western Australia 1988–2005 1992 A [220]
Marshall, Prof BarryProf Barry Marshall 1951 Received the 2005 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work with Helicobacter pylori 2007 A [221]
Marshall, Prof VillisProf Villis Marshall Director of Urology at Royal Adelaide Hospital, Chancellor of St John Ambulance Australia 2006 A [222]
Martin, Chief Justice WayneChief Justice Wayne Martin 1938 Chief Justice of Western Australia (2006–present) 2012 Q [223]
Mason, Sir AnthonySir Anthony Mason 1925 Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia 1987–95 1988 A [224]
Mason, KeithKeith Mason 1947 For service to the law and legal scholarship, to the judicial system in New South Wales, to the Anglican Church, and to the community 2003 A [225]
Massy-Greene, Sir BrianSir Brian Massy-Greene 1916 1991 For service to banking, to industry and to the community 1989 A [226]
May, JamesJames May For service to the advancement of vascular surgery throughout the world, particularly through pioneering the introduction of endoluminal methods for the treatment of diseased arteries, placing Australia in the forefront internationally in this field 2001 Q [227]
May, Prof Lord (Robert)Prof Lord (Robert) May 1936 President of the Royal Society, London 2000–05 1998 A [228]
McCaughey, Rev Dr DavisRev Dr Davis McCaughey 1914 2005 Governor of Victoria 1986–92 1987 Q [229]
McClelland, DougDoug McClelland 1926 Minister, President of the Senate, High Commissioner to the United Kingdom 1987 Q [230]
McCusker, MalcolmMalcolm McCusker 1938 Governor of Western Australia 2012 A [231]
McDonald, DonaldDonald McDonald 1938 Chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation 2006 Q [232]
McGarvie, RichardRichard McGarvie 1926 2003 Governor of Victoria 1992–97 1994 Q [233]
McGrath, Sir CharlesSir Charles McGrath 1910 1984 For service to industry 1981 A [234]
McHugh, MichaelMichael McHugh 1935 Justice of the High Court of Australia 1989–2005 1989 Q [235]
McIntosh, Sir MalcolmSir Malcolm McIntosh 1945 2000 For service to excellence in scientific and technological research 1999 A [236]
McIntyre, Sir LaurenceSir Laurence McIntyre 1912 1981 For public service 1979 A [237]
McKay, JamesJames McKay For service to the spiritual and physical wellbeing of the people of outback Australia 1998 A [238]
McKellar, BruceBruce McKellar For eminent service to science, particularly the study of theoretical physics, as an academic, educator and researcher, through seminal contributions to scientific development organisations, and as an author and mentor. 2014 A [239]
McMurdo, Justice MargaretJustice Margaret McMurdo 1954 For service to the law and judicial administration in Queensland, particularly in the areas of legal education and women's issues, to the support of a range of legal organisations, and to the community. 2007 Q [240]
McNeill, Sir JamesSir James McNeill 1916 1987 For service to industry 1986 Q [241]
Meares, LeycesterLeycester Meares 1909 1994 Public servant 1985 A [242]
Messel, Prof HarryProf Harry Messel 1922 2015 Physicist and conservation advocate 2006 A [243]
Metcalf, Prof Em DonaldProf Em Donald Metcalf 1929 Cancer researcher, Professor Emeritus of the University of Melbourne 1993 Q [244]
Michael, Dr KenDr Ken Michael 1938 Governor of Western Australia 2006–11 2006 A [245]
Michell, HowardHoward Michell 1913 2012 For service to the wool industry and to the arts 1990 Q [246]
Miller, JacquesJacques Miller 1931 Immunologist 2003 Q [247]
Millis, NancyNancy Millis 1922 2012 Microbiologist 1990 Q [248]
Mills, BernardBernard Mills 1920 2011 Engineer, Professor of Physics (Sydney), pioneer radio astronomer (Mills Cross Telescope) 1976 Q [249]
Mitchell, HaroldHarold Mitchell 1942 Businessman and Philanthropist 2010 Q [250]
Mitchell, Dame RomaDame Roma Mitchell 1913 2000 First female appointed Queen's Counsel, first female appointed Judge, Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia 1968–91, Governor of South Australia 1991–96 1991 A [251]
Moore, Sir JohnSir John Moore 1915 1998 President of the Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission 1986 A [252]
Moore-Wilton, MaxMax Moore-Wilton 1943 Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2001 A [253]
Moran, TerryTerry Moran 1947 Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2012 A [254]
Morgan, HughHugh Morgan 1940 Mining industry executive 2002 Q [255]
Morris, Prof Sir PeterProf Sir Peter Morris 1934 Nuffield Professor of Surgery Emeritus at the University of Oxford 2004 Q [256]
Moyes, Rev Dr GordonRev Dr Gordon Moyes 1938 2015 Founder of the Wesley Mission 2002 A [257]
Muirhead, Justice JamesJustice James Muirhead 1925 1999 Royal Commissioner into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody 1991 A [258]
Murdoch, Dame ElisabethDame Elisabeth Murdoch 1909 2012 Philanthropist 1989 Q [259]
Murdoch, RupertRupert Murdoch 1931 For service to the media, particularly the newspaper publishing industry 1984 A [260]
Myer, KenKen Myer 1921 1992 Philanthropist 1976 A [261]
Myer, Sidney BaillieuSidney Baillieu Myer 1926 For service to business and commerce, to government and to the community 1990 Q [262]
Neal, Sir EricSir Eric Neal 1924 CEO of Boral, Director of John Fairfax Holdings, BHP, Coca-Cola Amatil and AMP Limited, Chairperson of Westpac, Governor of South Australia 1996–2001 1988 A [263]
Neilson, BillBill Neilson 1925 1989 Premier of Tasmania 1978 Q [264]
Neumann, BernhardBernhard Neumann 1909 2002 Mathematician 1994 Q [265]
Newman, MauriceMaurice Newman 1938 Chair of the ABC, chair of the board of the ASX, Chancellor of Macquarie University 2002 A [266]
Niland, JohnJohn Niland 1940 Businessman and academic 2001 A [267]
Nolan, Sir SidneySir Sidney Nolan 1917 1992 Artist 1988 Q [268]
Nossal, Prof Sir GustavProf Sir Gustav Nossal 1931 Research biologist, Chairman of the CSIRO 1989 Q [269]
O'Brien, BernardBernard O'Brien 1924 1993 Microsurgeon; bio 1991 Q [270]
O'Collins, Rev GeraldRev Gerald O'Collins Catholic theologian and academic 2006 A [271]
O'Donoghue, LowitjaLowitja O'Donoghue 1932 Chairperson of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) 1999 A [272]
Ogilvie, Dame BridgetDame Bridget Ogilvie 1938 Biomedical research, particularly related to veterinary and medical parasitology 2007 A [273]
Oliphant, Sir MarkSir Mark Oliphant 1901 2000 Physicist, Professor, Governor of South Australia 1972–77 1977 A [274]
Olley, MargaretMargaret Olley 1923 2011 Artist 2006 Q [275]
O'Sullivan, JamesJames O'Sullivan For service to law enforcement and commitment to excellence in reshaping and introducing wide-ranging reforms in the Queensland Police Service 2001 Q [276]
Packer, KerryKerry Packer 1937 2005 Businessman 1983 A [277]
Parbo, Sir ArviSir Arvi Parbo 1926 Businessman 1993 Q [278]
Parker, Justice KevinJustice Kevin Parker Vice-President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia 2008 Q [279]
Partridge, PercyPercy Partridge 1910 1988 For service to education & educational research, particularly in the field of social sciences 1978 A [280]
Paspaley, NicholasNicholas Paspaley For service to business development and trade, to the Australian pearling industry, and to the community; [281] 1999 A [282]
Passmore, JohnJohn Passmore 1914 2004 Philosopher 1992 Q [283]
Peacock, AndrewAndrew Peacock 1939 Australian politician, Foreign Minister 1975–80, Leader of the Opposition 1983–85 & 1989–90 1997 Q [284]
Peacock, JimJim Peacock 1937 Molecular biologist 1994 A [285]
Pell, Cardinal GeorgeCardinal George Pell 1941 Catholic Archbishop of Sydney (2001–2014), Cardinal (2003– ), etc. 2005 Q [286]
Pemberton, GaryGary Pemberton For service to business and finance, to public sector reform, and to the community, particularly medical research organisations concerned with children's health 1999 Q [287]
Penington, Prof DavidProf David Penington 1930 For service to medicine and to the community, particularly in the field of medical education and health care 1988 A [288]
Phillips, JohnJohn Phillips 1933 2009 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria 1998 A [289]
Plimsoll, Sir JamesSir James Plimsoll 1917 1987 Public servant and diplomat 1978 A [290]
Polites, GeorgeGeorge Polites For service to industrial relations 1984 A [291]
Porter, RobertRobert Porter Neuroscientist 2001 A [292]
Potter, Lady (Primrose)Lady (Primrose) Potter 1931 Philanthropist 2003 Q [293]
Powell, LawrieLawrie Powell For service to medicine and medical research particularly in the field of gastroenterology and liver disease 1990 Q [294]
Pratt, JeanneJeanne Pratt Philanthropist 2002 Q [295]
Prescott, John B.John B. Prescott 1940 Managing director of BHP 1996 Q [296]
Philip, HRH PrinceHRH Prince Philip 1921 Consort of HM The Queen; 2015 promoted to Knight of the Order of Australia (AK) 1988 Q [297]
Ralph, JohnJohn Ralph For service to Australian industry as an advocate of "continual improvement" in international competitiveness and in the strategic assessment of long term public policy, particularly in the area of tax reform, and for contributions in the interest of the wider community including social development, education, leadership initiatives for the young and charitable organisations. 2000 Q [298]
Reece, EricEric Reece 1909 1999 Premier of Tasmania 1975 Q [299]
Rees, LloydLloyd Rees 1895 1998 Landscape painter 1985 A [300]
Reeve, ThomasThomas Reeve For service to medicine and to academic and clinical surgery, particularly in the field of endocrinology 1994 A [301]
Refshauge, MajGen Sir WilliamMajGen Sir William Refshauge 1913 2009 Director-General Army Medical Services in Korea, Honorary Physician to Queen Elizabeth II 1955–64, Director-General of the Commonwealth Department of Health 1960–73, Secretary-General of the World Medical Association 1973–76, etc. 1980 Q [302]
Reid, Prof GordonProf Gordon Reid 1923 1989 Academic, Professor of politics, Vice Chancellor University of Western Australia 1978–82, Governor of Western Australia 1983–89 1986 Q [303]
Renshaw, JackJack Renshaw 1909 1987 Deputy Premier 1959–64 and Premier of New South Wales 1964–65 1979 A [304]
Robertson, Sir RutherfordSir Rutherford Robertson 1913 2001 For service to biological sciences 1980 A [305]
Rowland, AirMshl Sir JamesAirMshl Sir James Rowland 1922 1999 Chief of the Air Staff 1975–79, Governor of New South Wales 1981–89 1987 A [306]
Rudd, EricEric Rudd 1910 1999 For service to the mineral and petroleum industries 1984 A [307]
Rush, GeoffreyGeoffrey Rush 1951 Actor 2014 A [308]
Ryan, GraemeGraeme Ryan For service to science and to higher education, particularly in the fields of medical research and medical education 1994 A [309]
Salteri, CarloCarlo Salteri 1920 2010 Co-founder of Transfield, founder of Tenix 2002 A [310]
Samuel, GraemeGraeme Samuel 1946 Businessman and Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2010 Q [311]
Samuels, GordonGordon Samuels 1923 2007 QC, Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Chancellor of the University of New South Wales 1976–94, Governor of New South Wales 1996–2001 1987 Q [312]
Scarce, Rear Adm KevinRear Adm Kevin Scarce 1952 Commander Training Command – Navy, Head of Maritime Systems, Governor of South Australia 2007–present 2008 A [313]
Schmidt, BrianBrian Schmidt 1967 Astrophysicist, Nobel Prize Laureate (Physics, 2011), etc. 2013 A [314]
Scott, Dame MargaretDame Margaret Scott 1922 Founding Director of The Australian Ballet School 2005 Q [315]
Scott, Sir WalterSir Walter Scott 1903 1981 Founded Australia's first management consultancy firm, WD Scott 1979 A [316]
Seidler, HarryHarry Seidler 1923 2006 Architect 1987 Q [317]
Shehadie, Sir NicholasSir Nicholas Shehadie 1926 National representative Rugby Union 1947–58, Lord Mayor of Sydney 1973–75 1990 Q [318]
Shergold, Dr PeterDr Peter Shergold 1946 Academic, public servant, Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2003–08 2007 A [319]
Simpson, Alfred MoxonAlfred Moxon Simpson 1910 2011 For eminent and meritorious service to business and industry 1978 Q [320]
Sinclair, IanIan Sinclair 1929 Australian politician, National Party of Australia Leader 1984–89, Speaker of the House of Representatives 1998-98 2001 A [321]
Sinclair, Rear Adm PeterRear Adm Peter Sinclair 1934 Deputy Chief of Navy, Governor of New South Wales 1990–96 1992 Q [322]
Singer, Prof PeterProf Peter Singer 1946 Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University and Laureate Professor at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics at the University of Melbourne 2012 Q [323]
Slatyer, RalphRalph Slatyer 1929 2012 For service to science and technology and its application to industry development. 1993 Q [324]
Smart, Prof Em J. J. C.Prof Em J. J. C. Smart 1920 2012 For service to education particularly in the field of philosophy 1990 Q [325]
Smith, Neil AndrewNeil Andrew Smith For service to the community, particularly through administration of the Victorian Bush Fire Appeal (1983) Trust Fund 1984 Q [326]
Smith, Thomas WeetmanThomas Weetman Smith For service to the law and to legal institutions 1990 A [327]
Smorgon, VictorVictor Smorgon 1913 2009 Industrialist, philanthropist 2007 Q [328]
Southey, Lady (Marigold)Lady (Marigold) Southey 1928 Lieutenant-Governor of Victoria 2006 A [329]
Spigelman, JamesJames Spigelman 1946 For service to the law and to the community through leadership in bringing about change in attitudes to the administration of justice for a more fair and equitable society, and to the support of the visual arts. 2000 Q [330]
Stanley, Prof FionaProf Fiona Stanley 1946 For service to maternal and child health research, particularly in peri-natal and infant problems, and for her contributions to improving aboriginal and community health 1996 Q [331]
Steel, KeithKeith Steel 1917 1996 For service to industry, General Manager of the Australian Mutual Provident Society (AMP Limited) 1966–79 1981 Q [332]
Stokes, KerryKerry Stokes 1940 For service to business and commerce through strategic leadership and promotion of corporate social responsibility, to the arts through executive roles and philanthropy, and to the community, particularly through contributions to organisations supporting youth 2008 Q [333]
Stone, ShaneShane Stone 1950 QC, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory 1995–99 2006 Q [334]
Street, Sir LaurenceSir Laurence Street 1926 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales 1989 Q [335]
Stretton, Prof HughProf Hugh Stretton 1924 Historian, academic economist 2004 Q [336]
Strong, RussellRussell Strong For service to medicine as a pioneer in the development of new techniques and improved clinical performance in the field of liver transplant surgery and to advancing world knowledge in this area 2001 A [337]
Sutherland, GrantGrant Sutherland For service to science in the field of human genetics research and to the human genome project and, in particular, for his contribution to the discovery of the importance of 'fragile chromosomes' in the field of inherited diseases 1998 A [338]
Sutherland, Dame JoanDame Joan Sutherland 1926 2010 Opera singer 1975 Q [339]
Tange, Sir ArthurSir Arthur Tange 1914 2001 For eminent and meritorious public service. 1977 Q [340]
Tanzer, NoelNoel Tanzer 1931 For service to public sector reform, particularly through the commercialisation of government enterprises, to the development of social welfare policies and to the community 1994 A [341]
Taylor, HughHugh Taylor Ophthalmologist 2001 Q [342]
Thiele, ColinColin Thiele 1920 2006 Author 1977 Q [343]
Thomas, SallySally Thomas 1939 Justice the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory (1992–2009), Administrator of the Northern Territory (2011–), etc. 2014 A [344]
Tonkin, JohnJohn Tonkin 1902 1995 Premier of Western Australia 1977 Q [345]
Toohey, JohnJohn Toohey 1930 Justice of the High Court of Australia 1987–98 1988 A [346]
Trendall, ArthurArthur Trendall 1909 1995 Art historian and classical archaeologist 1976 A [347]
Trescowthick, Sir DonaldSir Donald Trescowthick 1930 For service to the community, to the arts and to sport 1991 A [348]
Tribe, KenKen Tribe 1914 2010 For service to the arts, particularly in the field of music 1989 Q [349]
Tuckwell, BarryBarry Tuckwell 1931 Classical French horn player 1992 A [350]
Uhrig, JohnJohn Uhrig 1928 Chairman Santos Ltd 2000 Q [351]
Underwood, PeterPeter Underwood 1937 2014 Governor of Tasmania 2009 Q [352]
Uren, TomTom Uren 1921 2015 Boxer, soldier, politician 2013 A [353]
Utz, JohnJohn Utz 1928 For service to business and to industry 1989 A [354]
Vernon, Sir JamesSir James Vernon 1910 2000 1980 AC: For service to industry and to government; 1965 KtB: Services to commerce and industry; 1962 CBE: Commerce and industry; 1961 OBE: Director of the Colonial Sugar Refiners; [355] 1980 A [356]
Vertigan, Dr MichaelDr Michael Vertigan For service as a community leader in public administration, through development of far reaching fiscal policy reform; in business and industry, through focusing on strategic investment for sustainable economic growth; and in education through university governance 2004 A [357]
Vines, Sir WilliamSir William Vines 1916 2011 Managing Director, International Wool Secretariat; Chairman, Wool Review Committee; [358][359][360]; KtB 1987 Q [361]
Waddy, NanetteNanette Waddy For service to medical education and to the community particularly in the field of drug and alcohol abuse 1988 Q [362]
Wake, NancyNancy Wake 1912 2011 War hero: "The award recognises the significant contribution and commitment of Nancy Wake, stemming from her outstanding actions in wartime, in encouraging community appreciation and understanding of the past sacrifices made by Australian men and women in times of conflict, and to a lasting legacy of peace" 2004 22 Feb 2004
Walker, RonRon Walker 1939 For service to business, the arts and the community, and to raising the profile of Australia internationally with significant benefit for tourism and employment. 2003 A [363]
Wallis, StanleyStanley Wallis For service to business and manufacturing through strategic development of globally competitive enterprises, to enhancing the reputation of Australia internationally through reform of financial institutions and the taxation system, and to the community through support for medical research. 2002 Q [364]
Walsh, RobertRobert Walsh 1917 1983 Services to medicine 1982 Q [365]
Warren, Justice MarilynJustice Marilyn Warren 1951 For service to the judiciary and to the legal profession particularly the delivery and administration of law in Victoria, to the community in areas affecting the social and economic conditions of women and to forensic medicine internationally. 2005 Q [366]
Warren, Dr RobinDr Robin Warren 1937 Discovered Helicobacter pylori in 1979. Awarded 2005 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2007 A [367]
Watson , Sir BruceSir Bruce Watson For leadership in a range of fields of endeavour covering industry and commerce, the arts, and education and for developing medical research facilities of international standard in Australia 2004 A [368]
Wensley, PenelopePenelope Wensley 1946 Australian diplomat, Governor of Queensland 2011 A [369]
Wheeler, Sir FrederickSir Frederick Wheeler 1914 1994 Secretary to the Treasury 1979 A [370]
Whitlam, GoughGough Whitlam 1916 2014 21st Prime Minister of Australia 1972–75 1978 Q [371]
Whitrod, RayRay Whitrod 1915 2003 For service to Australian law enforcement (Queensland Police Commissioner), to victims of crime and to the community 1993 A [372]
Whitworth, JudithJudith Whitworth For service to the advancement of academic medicine and as a major contributor to research policy and medical research administration in Australia and internationally 2001 Q [373]
Wild, Dr PaulDr Paul Wild 1923 2008 Chairman of the CSIRO 1986 A [374]
Wilenski, PeterPeter Wilenski 1939 1994 For service to international relations and to public sector reform, particularly through fostering the implementation of social justice and equity principles 1994 Q [375]
Wills, PeterPeter Wills For service to social and economic advancement through the development of public policy in relation to funding for biomedical research and evolving biotechnology industries 2001 Q [376]
Wilson, Sir RonaldSir Ronald Wilson 1922 2005 Justice of the High Court of Australia 1979–89 1988 A [377]
Winneke, Sir HenrySir Henry Winneke 1908 1985 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria, Governor of Victoria 1982 A [378]
Winneke, Justice JohnJustice John Winneke 1938 President of the Victorian Court of Appeal 2004 Q [379]
Wood, Professor CarlProfessor Carl Wood 1929 2011 Service to the discipline of obstetrics and gynaecology particularly through the development of in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) and its application to human infertility 1995 A [380]
Woods, AlanAlan Woods 1930 1990 Senior public servant; Secretary to the Departments of Defence, Resources and Energy, etc. 1989 A [381]
Woodward, Justice Sir EdwardJustice Sir Edward Woodward 1928 2010 For contributions to Australian public life, particularly in the areas of public administration, social justice, cultural diversity, education and advocacy for people with mental illness 2001 Q [382]
Woodward, RogerRoger Woodward 1942 Classical pianist 1992 Q [383]
Woolcott, RichardRichard Woolcott 1927 For service to international relations and to Asia Pacific economic co-operation. 1993 Q [384]
Wootten, HalHal Wootten 1922 - For service to human rights, to conservation, to legal education and to the law 1990 Q [385]
Wran, NevilleNeville Wran 1926 2014 Premier of New South Wales 1976–86 1988 A [386]
Yeend, Sir GeoffreySir Geoffrey Yeend 1927 1994 Secretary to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and Secretary to Cabinet 1986 A [387]
Young, Sir JohnSir John Young 1919 2008 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria 1974–91 1989 A [388]
Yu, Dr JohnDr John Yu 1934 For service to the provision and development of "state of the art" paediatric care and research, to children's rights, to education, and to the decorative and visual arts 2001 Q [389]
Yunupingu, Mr.Mr. Yunupingu 1956 2013 Musician, songwriter, teacher, advocate, etc. 2014 A wef 7 Dec 2012
Zampatti, CarlaCarla Zampatti 1942 Fashion designer and businesswoman 2009 Q [390]
Zeidler, Sir DavidSir David Zeidler 1918 1998 Chemist and industrialist 1990 Q [391]

Military Division[edit]

Name Born Died Notability Awarded[1] Notes[2]
Baker, GEN JohnGEN John Baker 1936 2007 Vice-Chief of the Defence Force 1992–95, Chief of Defence Force 1995–98 1995 A [392]
Barrie, ADML ChrisADML Chris Barrie 1945 Vice-Chief of the Defence Force 1997–98, Chief of Defence Force 1998–2002 2001 A [393]
Beaumont, ADML AlanADML Alan Beaumont 1934 2004 Vice-Chief of the Defence Force 1989–1992, Chief of Defence Force 1993–95 1992 A [394]
Bennett, GEN Sir PhillipGEN Sir Phillip Bennett 1928 Governor of Tasmania 1987–95; Chief of the Defence Force 1984–87 1985 Q [395]
Binskin, AIRMSHL MarkAIRMSHL Mark Binskin 1960 Chief of Air Force (2008–2011), Vice Chief of the Defence Force (2011–2014), Chief of the Defence Force (2014– ) 2014 A [396]
Coates, LTGEN JohnLTGEN John Coates 1932 Chief of the General Staff 1990–92 1992 A [397]
Cosgrove, LTGEN PeterLTGEN Peter Cosgrove 1947 Chief of the Australian Army 2000–02. Subsequently General Cosgrove, Chief of the Defence Force 2002–05; 2014 promoted to Knight of the Order (AK) on appointment as Governor-General 2000 25 March 2000
Evans, AIRMSHL DavidAIRMSHL David Evans 1925 - Chief of Air Staff 1982–85 1984 Q [398]
Funnell, AIRMSHL RayAIRMSHL Ray Funnell 1935 Vice-Chief of the Defence Force 1986–87, Chief of the Air Staff 1987–92 1989 Q [399]
Gillespie, LTGEN KenLTGEN Ken Gillespie 1952 Vice Chief of the Defence Force/Chief of Joint Operations and Chief of Army 2011 A [400]
Gration, GEN PeterGEN Peter Gration 1932 Chief of Army 1984–87, Chief of the Defence Force 1987–93 1988 A [401]
Grey, LTGEN JohnLTGEN John Grey 1939 Chief of the General Staff 1992–95 1995 Q [402]
Hassett, GEN Sir FrancisGEN Sir Francis Hassett 1918 2008 Chief of General Staff 1973–75, Chief of the Defence Force Staff 1975–77 1975 Q [403]
Houston, ACM AngusACM Angus Houston 1947 Chief of the Defence Force 2005–2011; 2015 promoted to Knight of the Order of Australia (AK) 2008 A [404]
Hudson, ADML MikeADML Mike Hudson 1933 2005 Chief of the Naval Staff 1985–91 1987 Q [405]
Hurley, LTGEN DavidLTGEN David Hurley 1953 Chief Capability Development Group 2003-07, Chief of Joint Operations 2007-08, Vice-Chief of the Defence Force, 2008–11. Subsequently General Hurley, Chief of the Defence Force 2011–Present 2010 A [406]
Knox, VADM IanVADM Ian Knox 1933 Vice-Chief of the Defence Force 1987–89 1989 Q [407]
Leach, VADM DavidVADM David Leach 1928 Chief of the Naval Staff 1982–85 1984 Q [408]
Leahy, LTGEN PeterLTGEN Peter Leahy 1952 Chief of Army 2002–08 2007 Q [409]
MacDougall, VADM IanVADM Ian MacDougall 1938 Maritime Commander Australia 1989–90, Chief of the Naval Staff 1991–94, Commissioner NSW Fire Brigades 1994–2003, Chair CRC Bushfires 2003–07, etc. 1993 Q [2]
Newham, AIRMSHL JohnAIRMSHL John Newham 1930 Chief of the Air Staff 1985–87 1986 Q [410]
O'Donnell, LTGEN LawrenceLTGEN Lawrence O'Donnell 1933 Chief of the General Staff 1987–90 1989 Q [411]
Sanderson, LTGEN JohnLTGEN John Sanderson 1940 Commander United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia, Chief of the General Staff 1995–97, Chief of Army 1997–1998, Governor of Western Australia 2000–05. 1994 A [412]
Smith, ADML Sir VictorADML Sir Victor Smith 1913 1998 Chief of Naval Staff 1968–70, Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee 1970–75 1975 Q [413]
Stevenson, VADM Sir DavidVADM Sir David Stevenson 1918 1998 Chief of Naval Staff 1973–76 1976 A [414]

Honorary Companions[edit]

Name Born Died Notability Awarded[1] Notes[2]
Alesana, Tofilau EtiTofilau Eti Alesana 1924 1999 Foreign Minister of Samoa 1984–85 and 1988–98 1994 6 July 1994
Armitage, RichardRichard Armitage 1945 United States Deputy Secretary of State 2010 1 July 2010
Aung San Suu Kyi 1945 In recognition of her outstanding leadership and great personal courage in the struggle to bring democracy to Burma 1996 24 May 1996
Bachelet, MichelleMichelle Bachelet 1951 President of Chile 2006–2010, 2014–; Executive Director of UN Women 2012 5 October 2012
Blanchard, FrancisFrancis Blanchard 1916 2009 Second longest-serving Director-General of the International Labour Organization 1990 A [415]
Bojaxhiu, Agnesë GonxheAgnesë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu 1910 1997 Roman Catholic nun, Humanitarian; best known as "Mother Teresa of Calcutta" 1982 A [416]
Cousteau, JacquesJacques Cousteau 1910 1997 In recognition of service to the environment, conservation and marine exploration 1990 A [417]
Ejiri, KoichiroKoichiro Ejiri 1920 Chairman of Mitsui and Company Ltd; Chairman of Mitsubishi; etc. 1992 6 Feb 1992
Gadsden, Sir PeterSir Peter Gadsden 1929 2006 For service to Australian/British relations, particularly as Chairman of the Britain-Australia Bicentennial Committee 1988 A [418]
Goh Chok Tong 1941 Prime Minister of Singapore 1990–2004 2005 1 Feb 2005
Hay, AlexandreAlexandre Hay 1919 1991 President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). 1990 A [419]
Imai, TakashiTakashi Imai Chairman of Nippon Steel (1998-2003); Director: Nippon Life Insurance, Nippon T & T, Japan Securities Finance Co; etc. 2003 8 July 2003
Ker Conway, JillJill Ker Conway 1934 - Author and academic 2013 [420] [3]
Lee Ku-Taek, Lee Ku-Taek Chairman and CEO of POSCO; Chairman of World Steel Association; etc. 2006 16 March 2006
Mandela, NelsonNelson Mandela 1918 2013 President of South Africa 1999 Q [421]
Mimura, AkioAkio Mimura Representative Director & President of Nippon Steel 2012 28 Sept 2012
Mitsotakis, ConstantineConstantine Mitsotakis 1918 Prime Minister of Greece 1992 6 Feb 1992
Murofushi, MinoruMinoru Murofushi Chairman, ITOCHU Corporation; Chairman, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry; etc. 2003 8 July 2003
Nagano, ShigeoShigeo Nagano 1900 Chairman of Nippon Steel; President of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry; etc. 1980 A [422]
Okita, SaburoSaburo Okita 1914 1993 For service to international relations between Australia and Japan 1985 17 May 1985
Özal, TurgutTurgut Özal 1927 1993 Prime Minister of Turkey 1991 8 Feb 1991
Palmer, Sir GeoffreySir Geoffrey Palmer 1942 Prime Minister of New Zealand 1989–90 1991 8 Feb 1991
Park, Tae-JoonTae-Joon Park 1927 2011 For eminent service to Australian/Korean relations, particularly trade. 1991 8 Feb 1991
Rahman, Tunku AbdulTunku Abdul Rahman 1903 1990 First Prime Minister of Malaysia 1987 A [423]
Ramos-Horta, JoséJosé Ramos-Horta 1949 President of Timor-Leste 2007-2012, etc. 2013 25 Nov 2013
Ramphal, Sir ShridathSir Shridath Ramphal 1928 Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations 1975–90 1982 A [424]
Rocard, MichelMichel Rocard 1930 Prime Minister of France 1992 6 Feb 1992
Saitō , EishiroEishiro Saitō 1911 2002 For service to Australia-Japan business relations 1988 A [425]
Saitō , HiroshiHiroshi Saitō 1939 For service to Australia-Japan business relations 1997 14 Oct 1997
Shackleton, Lord (Edward)Lord (Edward) Shackleton 1911 1994 For service to Australian/British relations, particularly through the Britain/Australia Society 1990 A [426]
Talboys, Sir BrianSir Brian Talboys 1921 2012 Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand 1975–81 1982 A [427]
Taylor, Prof Stuart RossProf Stuart Ross Taylor 1925 For outstanding service to science, particularly in the fields of geochemistry and cosmochemistry 2008 4 Sep 2008
Te Kanawa, Dame KiriDame Kiri Te Kanawa 1944 New Zealand opera singer 1990 A [428]
Toyoda, EijiEiji Toyoda 1913 2013 For service to Australian/Japanese relations, particularly the Australian automotive industry 1993 21 Sep 1993
Toyoda, ShoichiroShoichiro Toyoda 1925 For service to Australian manufacturing, particularly for his contribution to the industrial development of the Australian automotive industry 1999 Q [429]
Utzon, JørnJørn Utzon 1918 2008 Architect of the Sydney Opera House 1985 17 May 1985
Yudhoyono, Susilo BambangSusilo Bambang Yudhoyono 1949 President of Indonesia 2010 9 March 2010
Zinkernagel, Prof RolfProf Rolf Zinkernagel 1944 Co-recipient with Professor Peter C. Doherty of the 1996 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1999 Q [430]

Former Companions[edit]

Name Born Died Notability Awarded[1] Notes[2]
Burke, BrianBrian Burke 1947 - Premier of Western Australia 1983-88. 1988 Stripped of his honour 1995[2][4]
Coombs, H. C. "Nugget"H. C. "Nugget" Coombs 1906 1997 Australian economist, senior public servant,
1st Governor of the Reserve Bank, etc.
1975 Q[5] Resigned in 1976 when AK created.[2][6]
Pratt, RichardRichard Pratt 1934 2009 Businessman. 1988 Resigned from the Order:
refer Gazette No. S 40, 22 Feb 2008.[2]
White, PatrickPatrick White 1912 1990 Author 1975 Q[5] Resigned in 1976 in protest at the sacking
of the Whitlam government in 1975.[2][7]

Announcements and Statistics[edit]

For technical reasons, these sections have been placed on the separate page: List of Companions of the Order of Australia - Statistics

It's an Honour[edit]

  • Companion of the Order of Australia
  • Fact sheet
  • From the Advanced search page, it is possible to produce a list of all recipients (that appear in the "It's an Honour" database).
    • In March 2014, there were 457 entries in the database.
    • The list does not necessarily show all recipients of the Companion of the Order of Australia, as some awardees of Australian honours elect not to have their names appear on the "It's an Honour" website.[2]
    • The database information does not distinguish between the General and Military divisions
    • Honorary recipients are denoted by [ H ] next to their name (with the exception of "PHILIP, Prince Philip").[citation needed]
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