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Company's Garden
LocationCape Town, South Africa
Coordinates33°55′39″S 18°25′00″E / 33.927408°S 18.416675°E / -33.927408; 18.416675Coordinates: 33°55′39″S 18°25′00″E / 33.927408°S 18.416675°E / -33.927408; 18.416675
Operated byCity of Cape Town
Walking in the Company's Garden
Squirrel in the Company's Garden

The Company's Garden is a park and heritage site[1] located in central Cape Town. The garden was originally created in the 1650s by the region's first European settlers and provided fertile ground to grow fresh produce to replenish ships rounding the Cape. It is watered from the Molteno Dam, which uses water from the springs on the lower slopes of Table Mountain.[2]

Features in the park[edit]

  • The oldest cultivated pear tree in South Africa (circa 1652)
  • A rose garden designed and built in 1929
  • A well stocked fish pond
  • Dellville Wood Memorial Garden, which commemorates the World War I Battle of Delville Wood in France, in which a predominantly South African force of more than 3,000 soldiers was reduced to 755 survivors by German forces
  • An aviary
  • Restaurant – The Company's Garden Restaurant
  • Botanically and historically valuable trees
  • Local arts and crafts along the avenue
  • Lawns and benches
  • A herb and succulent garden
  • Historic statues
  • Iziko South African Museum and Iziko National Gallery


Image Subject Location Designer/Sculptor Date of unveiling Notes Listing
Cecil John Rhodes Statue Companys Garden CT.jpg Cecil John Rhodes

Your hinterland is there

33°55′36″S 18°25′03″E / 33.92664°S 18.4174°E / -33.92664; 18.4174 (Cecil John Rhones)

Herbert Baker June 28th, 1910 –University of Cape Town Newspaper Archives Cape Argus
Japanese Lantern Monument, Company's Garden.jpg Japanese Lantern Monument

33°55′33″S 018°25′6″E / 33.92583°S 18.41833°E / -33.92583; 18.41833

Artillery Monument in the Company Gardens.JPG Artillery Memorial

33°55′41.9″S 18°24′58.5″E / 33.928306°S 18.416250°E / -33.928306; 18.416250

Delville Wood Memorial 01 CT.jpg Delville Wood Memorial

This memorial commemorates the South Africans who died in the Great Wars 1914–1918, 1939–1944.

33°55.686′S 18°24.958′E / 33.928100°S 18.415967°E / -33.928100; 18.415967 (Delville Wood Memorial) Herbert Baker 3 November 1930
Monument of Sir Henry Timson Lukin.JPG Major General Sir Henry Timson Lukin

Legion Nile
Born 24 May 1860
Died 16 December 1925
He served his King and beloved by his fellow men

33°55.672′S 18°24.939′E / 33.927867°S 18.415650°E / -33.927867; 18.415650 (Major General Sir Henry Timson Lukin)

Anton Van Wouw March 3rd, 1932 (University of Cape Town Newspaper Archives Cape Argus).

South African National Library with statue of sir George Grey.jpg Sir George Grey K.C.B


33°55.538′S 18°25.112′E / 33.925633°S 18.418533°E / -33.925633; 18.418533 (Sir George Grey)

Marshall W. Calder

AIDS Memorial

33°55.669′S 18°24.991′E / 33.927817°S 18.416517°E / -33.927817; 18.416517 (AIDS Memorial) 2002

Rutherfoord Fountain 3.JPG Temperance Memorial

Jesus said whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst But the water that I shall give him shall be in him as a well of that I shall give him shall never thirst water springing up into everlasting life

33°55.585′S 18°25.005′E / 33.926417°S 18.416750°E / -33.926417; 18.416750 (Temperance Memorial) 1861

Jan Smuts Statue in Company Gardens.JPG Field Marshal General Jan Christian Smuts

1870 – 1950

33°55.708′S 18°24.990′E / 33.928467°S 18.416500°E / -33.928467; 18.416500 (Field Marshal General Jan Christian Smuts)

Sydney Harpley 29 May 1964

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