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Brookfield Towers
Record height
General information
Type Office
Location São Paulo,  Brazil
Coordinates 23°38′25.38″S 46°43′20.46″W / 23.6403833°S 46.7223500°W / -23.6403833; -46.7223500Coordinates: 23°38′25.38″S 46°43′20.46″W / 23.6403833°S 46.7223500°W / -23.6403833; -46.7223500
Construction started 2008
Estimated completion 2012
Opening 2013

Company Business Towers is a mixed use commercial development complex (with two towers) in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, that was completed in 2013 and one of the two towers would be 189 meters (620 feet) tall and would be the tallest skyscraper in Brazil in 2013. The project comprises high end residential units, commercial office and retail space as well as a hotel.

The project was modified and the tallest tower will not have this height. The actual height of the building is 158 m (518 ft).[1] The name of the complex was also modified, and it is currently called Brookfield Towers.

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