Compaq Presario 5460

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The Compaq Presario 5460 is an IBM compatible PC, first launched in 1999. Bundled with a 15" CRT monitor, keyboard, mouse and JBL stereo speakers, the 5460 was typical of the new range of multimedia PCs which debuted around the turn of the millennium.


  • 475 MHz AMD K6-2 Processor
  • 96 MB (96 MiB) PC133 SDRAM
  • 6 GB (6 billion bytes) Hard Disk Drive
  • 32x LG CD-ROM drive
  • ZIP Drive
  • 2 x USB 1.1 Ports
  • Soundblaster-compatible sound board (integrated within motherboard)
  • 8 MB Ati Rage Graphics Card (onboard)

The 5460 was preinstalled with Microsoft Windows 98 (first edition) which was available for reinstallation via the supplied QuickRestore Disc.


  • The computer case was particularly difficult to open as customers were expected to bring the machine to a repair shop for hardware installation or support. It can be opened by removing the pads underneath the case and removing the screws (along with the more common screws in the back).
  • The 5460 came bundled with many Compaq utilities aimed at making the machine more user friendly. One of these was a construction worker, similar to Microsoft Office's Clippy.

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