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Compaq SLT
Compaq-Logo bis 2008
Release date1986; 33 years ago (1986)

Compaq SLT was a line of portable computers made by Compaq. The SLT series was the successor to the Portable III and the predecessor to the more well known Compaq LTE. Many models of the SLT range were produced. The first model, named SLT/286, is considered to be one of the most notable units in laptop history due to its battery life and superior performance compared to competing models. The SLT/286 had a 12MHz Intel 80286 processor and a grayscale LCD screen[1][2][3][4].

Docking Station Capability[edit]

The SLT line was termed a desktop replacement and had a matching docking station[2].


Model Release Date Processor Clock Speed Spec / Notes
SLT/286[2] 1986[timeframe?] 286 12MHz -
SLT/386[4] 1988[timeframe?] 386 12MHz -
SLT386/20 1989[timeframe?] 386 20MHz [clarification needed]

Battery life[edit]

Compaq's main marketing message for the SLT range was its battery life.[2] Compaq mentioned this feature in almost all of the SLT literature. Moreover, Compaq released an external battery charger to enable the business user to charge up multiple batteries.[2]

Victor Technologies clone[edit]

Grid 386PX

Victor Technologies offered a clone of the SLT/386 model, model Grid 386PX (BV30E01A). Whilst the Grid 386PX looks slightly different, it was unclear whether the Grid 386PX was a true clone or an alternative OEM product.