Comparison between U.S. states and countries by GDP (PPP)

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The New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. It is often dubbed the "Mother Brain of the Finance Capital".
Port of Houston along the Houston Ship Channel. Texas is a major energy hub for the U.S.

This is a comparison between U.S. states and countries by Gross Domestic Product (PPP). Many of the states of the United States have large Gross Domestic Product (called gross state product) which would rank highly on a list of countries world GDP. All data is for the year 2017.

These figures are based on the IMF list on List of countries by GDP (PPP) for world GDP, and the List of U.S. states by GDP figures.

Note: New England is not a state but a group of states which are oftentimes classified as such.

Note2: As the PPP is calculated in U.S. dollars for all countries there is no difference for the US economy in Nominal or in PPP terms as both are the same value for the U.S.[1].

Note3: This table does not take into account the differences in the cost of living between U.S. states.

Silicon Valley, the home to many of the world's largest technology corporations, as well as thousands of small start-up companies all located in California.
Comparison of GDP PPP figures between U.S. states and countries for 2017
Rank Country U.S. equivalents GDP (Billions of US$ in PPP)
1 China China  United States 23,159.1
2 India India California California Texas Texas New York (state) New York New England New England Florida Florida Ohio Ohio 9,459.0
3 Japan Japan California California Texas Texas New York (state) New York Florida Florida 5,428.8
4 Germany Germany California California New England New England Indiana Indiana 4,170.8
5 Russia Russia California California New England New England Alabama Alabama 4,007.8
6 Indonesia Indonesia California California Michigan Michigan 3,243.8
7 Brazil Brazil California California Michigan Michigan 3,240.3
8 United Kingdom United Kingdom California California Utah Utah 2,914.0
9 France France California California Hawaii Hawaii 2,835.7
10 Mexico Mexico Texas Texas Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 2,458.4
11 Italy Italy Texas Texas New Jersey New Jersey Vermont Vermont 2,310.9
12 Turkey Turkey Texas Texas Michigan Michigan 2,173.2
13 South Korea South Korea Texas Texas Colorado Colorado 2,029.0
14 Spain Spain Texas Texas West Virginia West Virginia 1,773.9
15 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Texas Texas West Virginia West Virginia 1,773.6
16 Canada Canada Texas Texas West Virginia West Virginia 1,769.3
17 Iran Iran New York (state) New York New Mexico New Mexico 1,644.7
18 Australia Australia New England New England Utah Utah 1,246.5
19 Thailand Thailand New England New England Nevada Nevada 1,233.7
20 Egypt Egypt New England New England Mississippi Mississippi 1,201.2
21 Taiwan Taiwan New England New England Hawaii Hawaii 1,185.5
22 Poland Poland New England New England Vermont Vermont 1,121.0
23 Nigeria Nigeria New England New England Vermont Vermont 1,118.8
24 Pakistan Pakistan New England New England 1,057.0
25 Malaysia Malaysia Illinois Illinois Mississippi Mississippi 930.8
26 Argentina Argentina Illinois Illinois New Mexico New Mexico 920.3
27 Netherlands Netherlands Illinois Illinois New Mexico New Mexico 916.1
28 Philippines Philippines Illinois Illinois North Dakota North Dakota 875,6
29 South Africa South Africa Ohio Ohio Mississippi Mississippi 765.6
30 Colombia Colombia Ohio Ohio Maine Maine 714.0
31 Bangladesh Bangladesh Ohio Ohio Wyoming Wyoming 687.1
32 United Arab Emirates UAE Ohio Ohio Wyoming Wyoming 686.8
33 Iraq Iraq Ohio Ohio 658.8
34 Vietnam Vietnam New Jersey New Jersey Wyoming Wyoming 647.4
35 Algeria Algeria North Carolina North Carolina 632.9
36 Belgium Belgium Massachusetts Massachusetts 528.5
37 Singapore Singapore Massachusetts Massachusetts 527.0
38 Sweden Sweden Virginia Virginia 520.9
39 Switzerland Switzerland Virginia Virginia 517.2
40 Romania Romania Maryland Maryland Hawaii Hawaii 481.5
41 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Maryland Maryland New Hampshire New Hampshire 477.6
42 Hong Kong Hong Kong Maryland Maryland Maine Maine 454.9
Chile Chile Maryland Maryland Maine Maine 451.1
43 Austria Austria Maryland Maryland South Dakota South Dakota 439.6
44 Peru Peru Indiana Indiana Maine Maine 424.4
45 Venezuela Venezuela Indiana Indiana 380.7
46 Norway Norway Indiana Indiana 380.0
47 Czech Republic Czech Republic Indiana Indiana 375.7
48 Ukraine Ukraine Indiana Indiana 368.8
49 Qatar Qatar Tennessee Tennessee 347.9
50 Republic of Ireland Ireland Colorado Colorado 343.7

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