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The following is a list of notable software for running a BitTorrent tracker.

Tracker Programming Language License Operating System Support Description
MLDonkey[1] OCaml GPL Windows, OS X, Unix-like, Morph OS Has a built-in tracker and announcement service
MonoTorrent[2] C# MIT Windows, Mac OS, Unix-like Uses Mono for cross-platform support (.NET)
Opentracker[3] C Beerware Unix-like (source code only) Uses libowfat,[4] performs well even on embedded hardware. Only requirement is a POSIX compliant OS.
UDPT[5] C++ GPL Windows, Unix-like UDP based torrent tracker, supports in-memory storage.
PeerTracker[6] PHP GPL Web application Extremely lightweight and efficient BitTorrent tracker. Supports SQLite3, MySQL and soon PostgreSQL for storage.
μTorrent[7] C++ Freeware Windows, OS X, Linux, Android Does not have a list of hosted torrents.
qBittorrent[8] C++ GPL Windows, OS X, Unix-like, OS/2 Lightweight. Supports DHT, PEX, announcements via UDP. Does not have a web interface or list of hosted torrents; it is not designed for secure or large-scale application.
Vuze[9] Java Disputed Windows, Mac OS, Linux Vuze (formerly Azureus) has a built in tracker.
XBT Tracker[10][11] C++ GPL Windows, Linux Uses MySQL for data storage, lightweight tracker


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