Comparison of CAD, CAM and CAE file viewers

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Computer aided design (CAD), Computer-aided engineering (CAE) and Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software produces files in a large variety of formats many of which are extremely complex and poorly supported by other applications. This article gives an overview of the available software suitable for viewing these files so they can be shared with people who do not have the application which produced the file.

Comparison of CAD/CAM/CAE file viewers[edit]

Software which has not been added to this table can be seen on the discussion page.

Application Latest stable release Developer 3D support? Runs on POSIX style systems? Runs on Windows? Other platforms? Open source? User Interface Language(s) Supported format(s)
Caddie 14 Advanced Computer Solutions Yes No Yes ? No(Free download) EN DXF, DWG, DRW
3DViewStation 2015 Kisters [1] Yes No Yes Yes No (free download) EN, DE, JP, IT, ES, FR, KR, RU, CN 3D: Catia V4, Catia v5, Catia V6, ProE, Creo, Siemens NX, Solidworks, Solidedge, Inventor, Rhino, 3D-PDF, 3DVS, ACIS, CGR, IGES, IFC, JT, PRC, STEP, U3D, VDA, VRML, 2D: PDF, DWF, Cals, Gerber, GIF, HPGL, HPGL/2, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNM, PBM, PNG, PPM, TIFF, BMP
progeCAD Viewer DWG (based on IntelliCAD) (incomplete entry) 2009 progeCAD No No Yes No No EN DWG, DXF
VariCAD Viewer 2014 v2 VariCAD Yes YesLinux Yes Yes No EN, DE, JP, PT, CN DWG (2D), DXF (2D), STEP (3D)[2]
WorkXPlore 3D 1.7 (2009) Sescoi Yes No Yes No No(Free download) EN, FR, DE, ES, IT, JP, CN DWG, DXF, IGES, STEP, STL, UNISURF, 3D WorkNC, XDW, Parasolid, SolidWorks, Pro/E, Catia V4, Catia V5, UGS, ISO toolpaths, CADDS, Solid Edge[3]
LibreCAD 2.0.6 (10/2014)[4] LibreCAD No Yes Yes Yes Yes (GPLv2) CN, EN, ES, FR, DE, HU, IT, JP, RU, other DXF

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