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Comparison of JavaScript-based source code editors

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This article provides basic feature comparison between some of the JavaScript-based source code editors available today.


List of source code editors
Editor Site Latest version Style, clone of Cost (US$) Software license Open source Browser support Activity
Ace Home, demo v1.4.12, 2020-7 Sublime Text / Microsoft Visual Studio Free New BSD License Yes Firefox 3.5+, Safari 4+, Chrome, IE 8+, Opera 11.5+ Yes
Atom Home v1.50.0-beta0, 2020-07-14 Emacs, Vim and others Free Dual Yes Chrome No
CodeMirror Home, demo 5.59.1, 2020-12-31 plain textarea Free MIT-like Yes Firefox 3+, Chrome, Safari 3+, Internet Explorer 8+, Opera 9+[1] Yes
CodeJar Home, demo 1.0.2, 2020-04-05 plain textarea Free MIT Yes Firefox 3+, Chrome, Safari 3+, Internet Explorer 8+, Opera 9+ Yes
Codeanywhere Home 6.0 SublimeText - Public Cloud No Firefox 3+, Chrome, Safari 3+, Internet Explorer 8+, Opera 9+ Yes
Codenvy Editor Home 2.10.17, 2014-01-17 Eclipse - Public Cloud Yes Firefox 3+, Chrome, Safari 3+, Internet Explorer 8+, Opera 9+ Yes
Orion Home 22.0, 2020-04-03. Eclipse SWT StyledText, regular textarea Free dual-licensed: BSD 3-clause and EPL Yes Firefox 37+, Chrome 40+, Safari7+, Internet Explorer 11+[2] No
Monaco (Visual Studio Code) Home, demo 0.31.1, 2021-12-14 Visual Studio Code Free MIT Yes IE8+, Firefox 4+, Chrome Yes
Markitup Home, demo 1.1.14, 2013-02-04 Markup editor, no syntax highlight Free MIT, GPL Yes IE 6 & 7, Firefox 2 & 3, Safari 3.1, Opera 9+[3] No
LDT Home 2012-02-19 regular textarea Free MIT, GPL Yes Firefox 3.6+, IE8, Chromium 16, Midori 4.1, Opera 11, Epiphany No
Ymacs Home Archived 2011-02-10 at the Wayback Machine, demo Archived 2011-03-01 at the Wayback Machine 0.5, 2012-03-28 Emacs Free BSD Yes Firefox, Chrome, Safari No
CodePress Home 0.9.6, 2007-09-26 Microsoft Visual Studio Free LGPL Yes ? No
CodeTextArea Home, demo 2009-06 Microsoft Visual Studio Free BSD Yes Dojo widget No
EditArea Home, demo 0.8.2, 2010-01-14 Microsoft Visual Studio Free LGPL Yes IE 6+, Firefox 1.5+, Safari 3+, Opera 9+, Chrome[4] No
Helene Home, demo 0.9, unknown release date Microsoft Visual Studio Free GPL Yes No
9ne Home ? Emacs Free GPL Yes No
jsvi Home ? vi Free GPL Yes No
MDK-Editor Home 2.10, 2008 Microsoft Visual Studio Depends on use Dual Code is readable tested to work on: IE 6, 7 - Firefox 2, 3 - Chrome No
Micro Home 2013 nano Free GPL Yes No
HirenJS Code Editor Home


2023-05 plain textarea Free MIT Yes Firefox 3.5+, Safari 4+, Chrome, IE 8+, Opera 11.5+ Yes

List of features[edit]

Feature testing was performed with Firefox 3.0.6 against the current demo version, and results may not match those in other browsers or downloadable versions.

List of source code editor features
Feature Ace CodeMirror CodeJar Orion CodePress CodeTextArea EditArea Helene markItUp! MDK-Editor Monaco Editor (Visual Studio Code)
Implementation nestable full parsers pattern-based parser pattern-based parser parsers
Syntax highlight Over 110 languages 129 languages Yes mixed mode: HTML + JavaScript and CSS, PHP, EJS; single mode: JavaScript, Java, JSON, CSS, Python, Ruby, XML, YAML (pluggable) limited mixed mode: HTML + JavaScript (no CSS), PHP + HTML (no JavaScript or CSS), Java, Perl, SQL only keywords only one language at a time: Perl, PHP, CSS, Javascript, Python, HTML, XML, VB, C, CPP, SQL, Pascal, Basic, Brainf*ck PHP No mixed mode: PHP + HTML + JavaScript + CSS, single-mode: PHP, Javascript, CSS, XML; extensible Hundreds of languages
Syntax checking HTML, CSS, JavaScript (using JSHint) Some No JavaScript (using JSLint) No No HTML, JavaScript (using JSLint) HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript
Tab support Yes Yes Yes Yes Some Yes Yes Yes
Indent, new line keeps level optional setting that is on by default Yes Yes Yes very limited No Yes N/A (can't press Enter) No Yes Yes
Indent, syntax Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
Indent, selected block yes, including Shift+Tab either automatically, or block-level indent/unindent Yes yes, including Shift+Tab No yes, including Shift+Tab yes, including Shift+Tab and using context menu yes, including Shift+Tab
Bracket matching Yes Yes No Yes an implementation exists with mouse-hover bracket matching [citation needed] Ctrl+B; no angle bracket matching No matching bracket ([{<>}]) always highlighted Yes
XML matching tag highlight Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes
Code folding Yes Yes[5] No Some[6] No No No No No No Yes
Code snippets Yes through API/add-on Some type 'for' or 'if' then Tab No Yes No Yes JavaScript
Code suggestion Yes example Yes through esprima content assist plugin No yes[citation needed] No CSS, HTML, JavaScript) Yes
Toggle syntax highlight on/off Yes Yes No last example in demo N/A textmode
Keyboard shortcuts All Common Shortcuts & Custom Keybindings fully configurable Yes some common used: Ctrl+f, Ctrl+g,Ctrl+z,Ctrl+y Yes All key combos (except F1 in IE7) can be bound to shortcuts Yes
Line numbers Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No supports mouse selection Yes
Search & replace regex supported via API No Yes No toolbar button has API for the studio Yes
Spell checking addon for context menu No No No browser-based none browser-based none browser-based No
Toolbar But command line console No No No No Yes No Yes No
Visual styling Fully theme-able CSS-based themes Yes Yes font-type and font-size 5 styles to choose from, having 2 font-sizes Yes
Undo/Redo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Differential Undo Yes
Multiple cursors / Block selection Multiple cursors Yes No Yes No No No No No No
IndentGuides Yes No No No No No No No No No
Inline widgets Yes Yes No No No No No No No No
Non US charset support Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Diff editor Yes

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