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A comparison of Subversion clients includes various aspects of computer software implementations of the client role using the client–server model of the Subversion revision control system.


TortoiseSVN, a Windows shell extension, gives feedback on the state of versioned items by adding overlays to the icons in the Windows Explorer. Repository commands can be executed from the enhanced context menu provided by Tortoise.

SmartSVN provides a similar Explorer integration, but also can be used as a standalone SVN client for different platforms. SmartSVN is available in three different editions: A free Foundation edition with fewer features and two commercial editions called Professional and Enterprise with the full feature set.

Some programmers prefer to have a client integrated within their development environment. Such environments may provide visual feedback of the state of versioned items and add repository commands to the menus of the development environment. Examples of this approach include AnkhSVN, and VisualSVN for use with Microsoft Visual Studio, and Subversive[1][2] for use with Eclipse. Delphi XE Subversion integration is built into the Delphi IDE.

It is common to expose Subversion via Webdav using the Apache web server. In this case, any Webdav client can be used, but the functionality provided this way may be limited. Alternative ways to serve Subversion include uberSVN and VisualSVN Server.

Subversion clients comparison table[edit]

Name Programming language, toolkit Operating system License Integration Languages Network protocols Current version Last release date Server functionality Visualization
AnkhSVN C#, SharpSvn Microsoft Windows Apache License Microsoft Visual Studio (all editions except Express) English http, https, svn, svn+ssh, file 2.6.12735 October 5, 2016;
14 months ago
No Diff, blame, history, properties
CODESYS SVN C#, SharpSvn Microsoft Windows proprietary, trials can be negotiated SVN plugin for CODESYS V3 English, German http, https, svn, svn+ssh, file V4.1.0.2 (based on SVN 1.9.4) November 3, 2016;
13 months ago
No Diff, merge, log
eSvn C++, Qt Unix-like operating systems (GNU/Linux distributions, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris and others), Mac OS X and Windows GPL GUI, standalone (like WinCVS, Cervisia) English http, svn 0.6.12 For *nix OSs: July 16, 2007;
10 years ago
 (2007-07-16).[3] For Windows: July 12, 2007;
10 years ago
No ?
kdesvn C++, Qt Linux, Unix, Mac OS X GPL Konqueror, Dolphin, standalone English file, http, https, (k)svn, (k)svn+file, (k)svn+http, (k)svn+https, (k)svn+ssh 1.6.0 August 5, 2012;
5 years ago
Yes ?
PixelNovel Timeline C++ Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows Free if used with PixelNovel web storage, 30-day trial with commercial upgrade otherwise Adobe Photoshop English svn 1.0 July 7, 2009;
8 years ago
? ?
QSvn C++, Qt Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows GPL GUI, standalone (like WinCVS) English 0.8.3 July 26, 2009;
8 years ago
No ?
RabbitVCS Python, GTK+ Linux GPL Nautilus, Thunar, Gedit, CLI ca, cs, de, en, es, fa, fr, he, hr, it, ja, nb, nl, pl, pt, ro, ru, sk, sl, sv, zh_CN http, https, svn, svn+ssh, file 0.17 [8] June 23, 2017;
6 months ago
? ?
RapidSVN C++, wxWidgets Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Solaris, many more GPL GUI, standalone Unicode, many 0.12.1 June 28, 2012;
5 years ago
No External
SubTile XUL, Javascript Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows (Any with Xulrunner or Firefox) GPL, Mozilla Public License, Apache License GUI, standalone English http, https, svn, svn+ssh 0.2 May 3, 2016;
19 months ago
No Diff, merge, revision graph
SVN Notifier C# Microsoft Windows GPL GUI, standalone. It needs TortoiseSVN installed. English http, https, svn, svn+ssh, file 1.9.3 June 25, 2012;
5 years ago
? ?
TortoiseSVN C++, MFC Microsoft Windows (32/64-bit) GPL Windows Shell (Explorer) 41 languages (including en) http, https, svn, svn+ssh, file, svn+XXX 1.9.7 August 10, 2017;
4 months ago
Yes Diff, merge, Revision Tree, blame
Trac Python Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows Modified BSD web-based [31 languages][3] file 1.01[12] February 1, 2013;
4 years ago
Yes Log
Version Control for engineers - Windows freeware GUI, standalone English http, https, svn, file 0.20 November 10, 2016;
13 months ago
No Internal image diff, external diff, diff for MS Word doc, MS Visio VSD drawings, DWG and DXF drawings, Kompas CDW, commit logging
ViewVC Python http, https "two-clause Berkeley-style" web-based English http, https, svn, svn+ssh, file 1.1.23 November 4, 2014;
3 years ago
? Diff, annotation, blame, revision graph
VisualSVN Microsoft Windows (32/64-bit) proprietary Microsoft Visual Studio (all editions except Express) English http, https, svn, svn+ssh, file 6.0.4 September 11, 2017;
3 months ago
Yes ?
Xcode Objective-C, Cocoa Mac OS X Proprietary, free on Mac App Store Xcode IDE English 5.0.1 (4H127) October 22, 2013;
4 years ago
? ?

Standalone Subversion clients comparison table[edit]

Client name Free Network protocols Diff Merge Browse remote repository
eSvn Yes http, svn ? ? ?
kdesvn Yes file, http, https, (k)svn, (k)svn+file, (k)svn+http, (k)svn+https, (k)svn+ssh Yes Yes Yes
QSvn Yes Yes ? ?
RapidSVN Yes internal internal Yes
SubTile Yes http, https, svn, svn+ssh Yes Yes Yes

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