Comparison of free blog hosting services

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A number of websites offer free hosting of blogs. The services they offer are compared below. (This list is limited to services that have their own Wikipedia article.)

Company Founded Active Platform Storage Bandwidth File size limit FTP upload Themes Ad-free Adv Support Domain registration Backup Plugin Custom HTML Custom CSS Custom JavaScript Mobile Scheduled posting Post categories Post tags HTML5 eCommerce
Blogger Google 1999 Yes Proprietary 15 GB (synchronized with Google drive) Unlimited None No 30 Yes Yes - AdSense Free Yes (Downloadable XML) Limited Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Tumblr Automattic 2007 Yes Proprietary Unlimited Unlimited Photo size per post is 10 MB No ~1000 No No Paid Only No Very Limited Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Weebly Weebly 2007 Yes 500 MB (Free) ~250 Yes Proprietary 500MB (Free)
20GB (Paid Only)
500MB (Free)
Unlimited (Paid Only)
? No Many different Paid Only Yes Paid Only No Partial Inline Only Partial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Automattic Yes WordPress 1GB Unlimited ? No ~250 Paid Only No Paid Only Yes[1] 20 Yes Paid Only No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes[2]

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