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Introduction to Neurofeedback[edit]

Neurofeedback (NFB), also called neurotherapy, neurobiofeedback or EEG biofeedback (EEGBF) is a therapy technique that presents the user with real-time information about activity within their brain, as measured by electrical or blood-flow sensors on the scalp. Brain activity is monitored and processed to provide feedback to the user in one of several ways, for example a video game rocket ship might accelerate when desired brainwaves are produced (positive feedback), or a film or music might pause when undesired brainwaves are produced (negative feedback).

The user then uses this feedback to develop the brainwaves they wish to create and as a consequence, learn to gain more control over their brainwaves and therefore how they think and feel in every day situations. It has been used to help a range of conditions including ADHD and addictions.


Software Type Version Operating systems Developer License FDA cleared Supported Devices
BetterFly Neurofeedback Clinic 2.0; Home 2.0 Windows BetterFly Neurofeedback Proprietary Classification by device U-WIZ, PocketNeurobics PendantEEG, BrainMaster 2EB
BioEra Biofeedback: visual designer 2.0 Windows, Android PROATECH LLC Proprietary No (but basis of Cygnet and others) Pocket Neurobics,[1] BrainQuiry,[2] NeuroAmp,[3]

Neurobit Optima,

 Brainmaster,[4] QDS[2]
BioExplorer Neurofeedback 1.5 Windows Cyberevolution, Larry Janow Proprietary No "Intended for personal use..." Brainmaster,[4] BrainQuiry,[2] NeuroAmp,[3]

Neurobit Optima,

 J&J,[4] NeuroSky,[2]
 Pocket Neurobics,[1] QDS,[2] Telediagnostic Systems[4]
BioGraph Infiniti Neurofeedback/Biofeedback 6.1.0 Windows Thought Technology Ltd, Dr. Hal Myers Proprietary Yes Thought Technology[4]
BioTrace+ Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, QEEG 2015 Windows Mind Media B.V. Proprietary Medical class II NeXus by Mind Media[2] 4, 10 (MKII), 32
Brainathalon Game ? Java Amy Palke Open source No
BrainBay Neurofeedback: MIDI, particle display ? Windows Chris Veigl and Jeremy Wilkerson GPL No Neurobit Optima

and more

BrainFeedback Pro Neurofeedback v12 Windows Deymed Diagnostic Proprietary Yes Deymed
BrainMaster Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, and QEEG; optional live z-scores (ANI or BrainDX), Live sLORETA Projector. various including BrainAvatar. Third-party SW includes: NeuroGuide, BioExplorer, BioERA, BrainPaint, SKIL, LENS, EEGer, BrainTrain, OpenVibe, EEGStudio Windows BrainMaster Technologies, Inc. Thomas F. Collura Proprietary; includes optional no-cost Application Programming Interfaces (API) FDA 510(k) clearance, ISO 13485 certification, and CE marking in Europe Brainmaster[4] 2E, 2EW, 2EB, Atlantis, Discovery, MINI-Q
BrainPaint® Evidence Based Neurofeedback, with a validated [1] and replicated [2] symptom based evaluation tool. 2.0
Includes BrainPrint™, Alpha Theta, Brain-Heart Coherence, Couples Synchrony, Nonlinear, Slow Cortical Potential, Coherence training and all other frequency rewards and inhibits.
N/A BrainPaint, Inc. William C. Scott Proprietary FDA 510(k) clearance, ISO 13485 certification, and CE marking in Europe Brainmaster[4] 2E, 2EW, 2EB, Atlantis, Discovery
BWView Brainwave viewer 1.0.5 Linux, Windows Jim Peters GPL No
Cygnet Neurofeedback: one- and two channel frequency band training and ILF (SCP) training according to Othmer, Alpha-Theta training. With additional Mitsar device or x23 accessory also tomographic (sLoreta) neurofeedback. Add-ons for sLoreta feedback and flexible system configuration fully approved but not available to clinicians. For research institutions only. Biofeedback: pIR far-infrared triple-sensor feedback 2.0 Windows BEE Systems LLC / Corscience Proprietary FDA class II, CE class IIa; Software approved including feedback animations by SomaticVision; accessory to EEG NeuroAmp NeuroAmp[3] plus add-ons: NeuroAmp x23,[3] pIRx3,[3] tactile feedback[3]
Dual Drive Pro Biofeedback GSR & Temp 3.0 Windows Somatic Vision Inc. Proprietary Unknown (not EEG)
eBioo Neurofeedback & Analysis

one-, two- and four channel training,
Amplitude-, relative Amplitude-, Coherence-,
Band-Ratio-, Asymmetry-inhibit-Training
and more ..

1.5 Windows Soft-dynamics, Geoffrey Arens Proprietary No – not stated or in FDA database Pocket Neurobics,[1] Neurobit Optima,[2] Brainmaster[4]
EEGer4 Neurofeedback & Analysis 4.3.0 Windows EEG Software LLC Proprietary FDA Class II J&J,[4] Telediagnostic Systems,[4] Phoenix Neuro Systems,[4]
Thought Technology,[4] Brainmaster,[4] Brainquiry,[2]
Pocket Neurobics,[1] external analog amplifiers
ElectricGuru Neurofeedback 0.4 Windows Rob Sacks Open source No
EventIDE Visual environment for designing behavioral experiments and mental games with real-time neurofeedback control and signal processing. 1.0 Windows Okazolab Ltd Proprietary No The majority of popular bio-amplifiers
LENSware Neurofeedback &Analysis 3 Windows OchsLabs Proprietary FDA Class II Exempt Ochslabs A200 amplifier
Mind WorkStation Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, and EEG-Driven Entrainment 1.3 Windows Transparent Corporation Proprietary No but can use Bioexplorer, Biograph, BioEra links See Bioexplorer, Biograph, BioEra
MindReflector Neurofeedback 1.1 Windows MindReflector Technologies, LLC Proprietary No NeuroSky[2]
NeuroField Neurofeedback & Analysis 8.7.5 Windows NeuroField, Inc. Proprietary FDA Class II[5] X3000 Plus[6] and Q20 EEG[7][8]
neuromore Studio Customizable Biofeedback, protocol designing and automated therapy solution 1.2.0 Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS neuromore Inc. Proprietary No
NeurOptimal Neurofeedback 3.0 Windows Valdeane W. Brown, Ph.D. Proprietary Unknown – not stated or in FDA database zAmp[2] from Zengar
NeuroRT Suite



Real-time Processing, Self Neuromodulation, Bio/Neurofeedback 2.2 Windows, Linux, Android Mensia Technologies Proprietary Medical device CE class IIa
  • ANT: All devices
  • Biosemi: ActiveTwo Mk I and ActiveTwo Mk II
  • Brainmaster: Atlantis and Discovery 24
  • Brain Products: ActiCHamp, BrainAmp series, QuickAmp and vAMP
  • Cognionics: Cognionics64
  • EGI: NetAmps 300
  • Emotiv: EPOC
  • g.Tec: gMobilab+ and gUSBamp
  • MindMedia: NeXus32, NeXus10
  • Mitsar: EEG 202;
  • NeuroElectrics: Enobio
  • OpenEEG: ModularEEG
  • Shimmer
  • TMSi: Porti, Refa, MOBITA, MOBI, MOBI mini
  • Wearable Sensing: DSI24 and DSI6
NeuroServer Raw EEG to TCP/IP + EDF converter 0.7.4 Linux, Windows [Rudi Cilibrasi] GPL No
OpenViBE BCI, Visual Designer, Analysis, Neurofeedback 0.18 Linux, Windows INRIA AGPL-3 No List of compatible systems
SmartMind Neurofeedback v2010 Windows BrainTrain, Inc. Proprietary Unknown – not stated or in FDA database Smartmind,[2] Brainmaster,[4] Thought Technology,[4] J&J,[4]
Pocket Neurobics,[1] NeuroSky[2]
Myndlift Neurofeedback: one-channel remote amplitude training ? Android Myndlift LTD Proprietary No Muse
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