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Comparison of office suites

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The following tables compare general and technical information for a number of office suites:

General information[edit]

Platforms listed are for when a local application is available that does not require network connectivity to function.
Office Suite names that are on a light purple background are discontinued.

OS support[edit]

The operating systems the office suites were designed to run on without emulation; for the given office suite/OS combination, there are five possibilities:

  • No indicates that it does not exist or was never released.
  • Partial indicates that the office suite lacks important functionality and it is still being developed, or it is online only so requires network connectivity to function.
  • Beta indicates that while a version of the office suite is fully functional and has been released, it is still in development (e.g. for stability).
  • Yes indicates that the office suite has been officially released in a fully functional, stable version.
  • Dropped indicates that while the office suite works, new versions are no longer being released for the indicated OS; the number in parentheses is the last known stable version which was officially released for that OS.

Office Suite names that are on a light purple background are discontinued.

Supported file formats[edit]

Office Suite names that are on a light purple background are discontinued.

Main components[edit]

Office Suite names that are on a light purple background are discontinued.

Online capabilities[edit]

Office Suite names that are on a light purple background are discontinued.

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  9. ^ €29.99/year for all platforms. No cost with ads and limited support.
  10. ^ 75-7,200 per year for commercial use. No cost for non-commercial use, mobile apps are not available with community edition.
  11. ^ 29.90 yearly sub for Office NX Home, 49.90 yearly sub for Office NX Universal, 99.95 to purchase Office Standard, 129.95 to purchase Office Professional. Free trial available for 30 days.
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  13. ^ $119.99 perpetual license. $29.99 annual subscription. No cost with ads.
  14. ^ free community edition, other paid for versions with increasing features.ׁׂׂ
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  19. ^ a b c d e f g Online only (iCloud) requiring Internet connectivity to function
  20. ^ Online only (Microsoft 365) requiring Internet connectivity to function
  21. ^ Wine, not all features available
  22. ^ Not all features available, e.g. Project, Visio, Access.
  23. ^ not stated if supported.
  24. ^ not stated if supported.
  25. ^ Dropped 2006.
  26. ^ Version 2000.
  27. ^ a b Microsoft's binary file formats for Office 97-2003
  28. ^ a b An open file format for word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and graphics
  29. ^ a b A file format created by Microsoft for word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and graphics
  30. ^ a b Microsoft's default file formats for Office 2007 and above
  31. ^ a b A partially open file format to present documents, including text formatting and images.
    It includes proprietary technologies defined only by Adobe that are not standardized and whose specifications are published only on Adobe's website, many of these are not supported by popular third-party implementations of PDF.
  32. ^ a b c d e Not included in this office suite, but provided in the Desktop Environment.
  33. ^ Supported in Desktop apps (Windows, Mac and Linux), Import only for Android, iOS, ChromeOS and Online.
  34. ^ Not supported in Online version.
  35. ^ Not supported in macOS.
  36. ^ Not supported in Excel for macOS or iPad.
  37. ^ OpenDocument text documents only.
  38. ^ Read/write: text documents, read: spreadsheets, presentations.
  39. ^ a b c Import/Export with ProjectLibre and others.[35]
  40. ^ a b c d e Available in integrations, such as Nextcloud, ownCloud, others.
  41. ^ High quality maths typesetting.
  42. ^ Apple Photos is included in the operating system
  43. ^ LibreOffice Writer and Draw contain desktop publishing features, but feature sets are not equal for both components.[37] Although Draw can import Microsoft Publisher files, it has problems of creating complex editorial projects.[38] For example, alternate glyphs in fonts cannot be used automatically.[39] Official tech support recommended Scribus for desktop publishing tasks.[40]
  44. ^ A lightweight, web-based version of Visio is available to Microsoft 365 business subscribers. Full Visio is available to organizations as a separate purchase from Office.[41]
  45. ^ Vector graphics can be made in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  46. ^ An equation editor is available in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft OneNote.
  47. ^ Professional and Professional Plus.
  48. ^ Separate product purchase required.
  49. ^ Standard, Professional and Professional Plus.
  50. ^ Discontinued as of 1999.
  51. ^ In Professional version only.
  52. ^ Currently unavailable for Linux.
  53. ^ a b When in WYSIWYG HTML editing mode.
  54. ^ Can interface with email clients and Mail Merge Wizard can send email directly from LibreOffice.[42]
  55. ^ LibreOffice Online under development.[43]
  56. ^ Not included in Microsoft Office 2013 or 2016 Home & Student.[44][45]
  57. ^ Versions after Office 2000 Premium and Developer contain Microsoft FrontPage, the full-blown web page editor.
  58. ^ Microsoft Word can read and write HTML starting with a special upgrade for Word 6.0.
  59. ^ Available for separate subscription.[46]


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