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The following table compares some characteristics of some subtitle editing software.

Name License Platform Multilanguage Audio waveform Formats supported Extra Information
Aegisub GPL (but code is ISC or BSD3c) Cross platform Yes Yes SSA/ASS, MicroDVD, .srt (full support)
AdobeEncore, EBU STL (write only) JACOsub (read only)[1]
Discontinued since 2014. Limited support for RTL languages. It's mainly used for creating ASS subtitles. Uses libass, making the ASS effects appear correctly in the internal media player.
Amara Proprietary, formerly GNU AGPL Web-based Yes ? SRT, SSA, SBV, VTT, DFXP, ITT, SCC and CAP formats.[2] Cloud platform with subtitle editor and workflow tools for collaborative captioning and subtitling, including making corrections to machine-generated captions. Add-ons include automatic speech recognition.
Gnome Subtitles GPL Linux Yes Adobe Encore DVD, Advanced Sub Station Alpha, AQ Title, DKS Subtitle Format, FAB Subtitler, Karaoke Lyrics LRC, Karaoke Lyrics VKT, MacSUB, MicroDVD, MPlayer, MPlayer 2, MPSub, Panimator, Phoenix Japanimation Society, Power DivX, Sofni, SubCreator 1.x, SubRip, Sub Station Alpha, SubViewer 1.0, SubViewer 2.0 [3] Built-in video preview, times synchronization, translation, spellcheck.
Maestrasuite Proprietary Web-based Yes Yes WEBVTT, SRT, SCC, STL, CAP, AVID DS Online web editor, speech recognition, collaboration tools, automated translation, and multi-language support
Subtitle Composer GPL Linux, Windows Yes Yes WebVTT, SubRip/SRT, MicroDVD, SSA/ASS, MPlayer, TMPlayer, YouTube, VobSub, BluRay/PGS, DVD/Vob, DVB, XSUB, HDMV-PGS[4] Speech Recognition, Video preview, Translations, Subtitle positioning, Javascript macros
Subtitle Edit GPL Windows, Linux Yes Yes 250+ Translate mode, spell check, OCR, batch convert, uses .NET Framework
Subtitled Pro Proprietary Android Yes Yes SRT, SBV, VTT, SSA/ASS Import, export, and hard-coding of subtitles. Extracts closed captions from videos. Rich multi-language support.
VisualSubSync GPL Windows No Yes SRT, SSA, ASS Development stopped in 2013. VisualSubSync Enhanced, a fork with new features, is in active development.
VTT Creator Proprietary Web-based No Yes WEBVTT, SRT Browser-based editor, machine-generated captions using speech recognition, translation, batch caption transcription.
Captionfy Proprietary Web-based Yes ? SRT, SSA, SBV and VTT formats. YouTube community captions platform with a proprietary subtitle editor with workflow tools for collaborative captioning and subtitling. It includes making corrections to machine-generated captions and a Google auto-translate tool.

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