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The following table compares some characteristics of some subtitle editing software.

Name License Platform Multilanguage Audio waveform Formats supported Price Extra Information
Aegisub GPL (but code is ISC or BSD3c) Cross platform Yes Yes SSA/ASS, MicroDVD, .srt (Full support)
AdobeEncore, EBU STL (Write Only) JACOsub (Read Only)[1]
Limited support for RTL languages. It's mainly used for creating ASS subtitles. Uses libass, making the ASS effects appear correctly in the internal media player.
Amara GPL Affero v3/commercial Cross platform Yes ? SRT, SSA, SBV, VTT, DFXP, ITT, SCC and CAP formats.[2] Cloud platform with subtitle editor and workflow tools for collaborative captioning and subtitling, including making corrections to machine-generated captions. Add-ons include automatic speech recognition.
Belle Nuit Subtitler Commercial OS X Yes ? 35+ ?
CaptionHub Commercial Cross platform Yes Yes VTT, TTML, SRT, SCC, EBU-STL, SMI, CSV and others ? Cloud platform for collaborative captioning and subtitling. It pairs automatic speech recognition with a simple, managed workflow for linguists and validators.
CaptionMaker/MacCaption Commercial Windows and OS X Yes Interactive Many $1720
DivXLand Media Subtitler Freeware/Commercial Windows Yes Interactive Many ? Automatic timing errors correction, spell check, multi-language support
EasySub Commercial Windows ? Yes Many ? Broadcast, Automatic timing errors correction, spell check, burn subtitle
EZTitles Commercial Windows Yes Yes 71+ €1620 (Basic), €1880 (TV),

€2380 (Enterprise)

Broadcast & authoring tool.
FinalSub Commercial OS X Yes Interactive Many $299 Broadcast & authoring tool, Final Cut Pro integration
fiveLoadSub[3] GPLv3 Cross platform Yes Yes srt/fls input,fls,srt,sbv,xml for premiere/fcp7/fcpx output Pure HTML+JS, run directly on browser, from Macau
Gnome Subtitles GPL Linux Yes ?
MovieCaptioner Commercial OS X and Windows Yes ? Many $99 Formerly MovCaptioner
Ninsight Ayato Commercial Windows Yes Yes 18 ? Broadcast & authoring tool
Online Captions & Subtitles Toolkit Commercial Cross platform Yes Yes All professional formats Starting at $10/Month Create Captions and Subtitles online. Tools for professional and nonprofessional users.
Poliscript Create Commercial Windows Yes Yes PAC and EBU STL formats £16.99/Month Broadcast & authoring tool, fully supported
Subtitle Composer[4] GPLv2 Linux, Windows Yes Yes AQTitle, DVB, DirectVobSub, HDMV-PGS, JACOsub, MicroDVD, MPsub, OGM, Phoenix (PJS), QuickTime, RealText, SAMI, SubRip, SSA/ASS, SubViewer, TMPlayer, VPlayer, VobSub, XSUB Free Written in C++ using Qt5 and KF5. Supports OCR, Speech recognition, Translations, Text styles, Scripting. Integrated Video player and interactive Waveform.
Subtitle Edit GPL Windows Yes Yes 200+ Translate mode, Spellcheck, Uses .NET Framework
Subtitle Editor GPLv3 Linux Yes Yes
Subtitle Editor Professional (web application) Commercial Web, cloud Yes Yes SRT, WebVTT (VTT) ? Import/export, remote loading from movie servers, sharing via URL, timeline & audiovisualizer, MP4 & YouTube player, etc.
SubtitleNEXT Commercial Cross platform Yes Yes Many CAD$549 (Novice)

CAD$1399 (Explorer)

CAD$4599 (Expert)

Broadcast & authoring tool
Subtitle Workshop GPLv3 Cross platform Yes No 65
Titlebee Freeware/Commercial Windows Yes Interactive Subrip (SRT), Timed Text (XML), EBU-STL Teletext (STL), Scenarist Closed Captions (SCC) $399
Titlevision Submachine Commercial Windows Yes Yes Most of the professional and enthusiast formats are properly supported. €2700 Unicode authoring tool for professional broadcasting.
VoxscribeCC Commercial Windows Yes Interactive Subrip (SRT), Timed Text (xml) ? Automatic captioning using speech recognition with concurrent interactive editing. Claims to "handle up to 95% of the work".
Wincaps Q4 Commercial Windows Yes Yes most professional formats Monthly subscriptions available from £24.99/month Broadcast & authoring tool, speech input, live and offline, fully supported

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