Compass International Pictures

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Compass International Pictures
Industry Film studio
Fate Active (as Trancas)
Founded 1977
Defunct 1981
Key people
Irwin Yablans
Joseph Wolf
Paul Freeman
Moustapha Akkad
Malek Akkad
Products Halloween (1978)
Roller Boogie (1980)
Parent Trancas International Films, Inc.
Universal Studios

Compass International Pictures was an independent American film production and distribution company founded by producers Irwin Yablans and Joseph Wolf in 1977, best known for their involvement in the production of numerous horror films between 1977 and 1981. Their first, and most notable film release was Halloween in 1978 with Falcon Films.[1] The company closed down in 1981, before re-emerging four years later under the name Trancas International Films[2] as an affiliate of Universal Studios.[3] As of 2016, they are the copyright holders of the Halloween film franchise and have produced every film in the series to date.

Films released[edit]

As Compass International Pictures[edit]

As Trancas International Films[edit]


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