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Name transcription(s)
 • Chinese 康埔桦
 • Pinyin kāngpǔhuà
Country  Singapore
Wall tile mural at Compassvale.

Compassvale is a neighbourhood of Sengkang New Town, and is located between Rivervale and Anchorvale. The house numbers of the public apartment blocks in Compassvale begin with the number '2' (2xx). Compassvale encompasses the Sengkang Town Centre and Buangkok.

The existing housing estates nearer to the Sengkang Town Centre were completed by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) in 1999 and 2000, while those in Buangkok, many of which are under Build-To-Order (HDB), are being developed or nearing completion.

Housing estates[edit]

Public housing estates[edit]

  • Compassvale South Gate 康埔桦南门 - Block nos. 200-204D
  • Compassvale Place/Villa 康埔桦坊 - Block nos. 205A-206
  • Compassvale Crest 康埔桦巷 - Block nos. 207A-207D
  • Compassvale Vista 康埔桦景 - Block nos. 223A-226D
  • Compassvale Court 康埔桦阁 - Block nos. 227A-230
  • Compassvale Plains 康埔桦平原 - Block nos. 231A-241A
  • Compassvale Haven 康埔桦港 - Block nos. 245-256A
  • Compassvale Gardens 康埔桦园 - Block nos. 257-259C
  • Compassvale Street 康埔桦街 - Block nos. 260-263
  • Compassvale Lodge 康埔桦苑 - Block nos. 290-296C
  • Compassvale Green 康埔桦林 - Block nos. 297-299D

Build-To-Order (HDB)[edit]

  • Compassvale Arcadia 康埔桦千树, Compassvale Link - Block nos. 267A-B, 268A-D & 269A-D
  • Coris 1 & 2, Compassvale Bow & Compassvale Link - Block nos. 264A-F, 265A-E & 266A-C
  • Aspella, Compassvale Link - Block nos. 275A-D & 277A-D
  • Atrina, Sengkang Central & Compassvale Link - Block nos. 272A-D & 273A-D
  • Tivela, Sengkang Central - Block nos. 270A & 271A-C
  • Compassvale View 康埔桦景, Sengkang East Avenue - Block nos. 208A-B & 209A-C
  • Compassvale Ancilla 康埔桦附属物, Sengkang East Avenue - Block nos. 279 - 282

Private housing estates[edit]

Educational institutions[edit]

Primary schools
Secondary schools

Places of worship[edit]

Chinese temples
  • Pu Ti Buddhist Temple
  • Singapore Buddhist Welfare Services Website
Muslims Mosque
  • Mawaddah Mosque

Shopping amenities[edit]

Public Transport[edit]

Compassvale is well served by many bus services originating from the Sengkang Bus Interchange and from other parts of the island. Sengkang MRT Station and the east loop of the Sengkang LRT Line also serves the area. Compassvale is well served by Compassvale LRT Station and a huge number of bus services, including the bus stop at the Punggol Road Interchange.


Housing estates
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