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Stable release
3.0.1 / February 2017
Type Compiler
License free for noncommercial use[1]

CompCert is a formally verified optimizing compiler for a large subset of the C99 programming language which currently targets 32-bit PowerPC, ARM, x86 and x86-64[2] architectures.[3] This project, led by Xavier Leroy, started officially in 2005, funded by the French institutes ANR and INRIA. The compiler is specified, programmed and proved in Coq. It aims to be used for programming embedded systems requiring reliability. The performance of its generated code is often close to that of GCC (version 3) at optimization level -O1, and always better than that of GCC without optimizations.[4]

Since 2015 AbsInt offers commercial licenses, provides industrial-strength support and maintenance, and contributes to the advancement of the tool.


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