Compeer, Alberta

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Compeer, Alberta is located in Alberta
Compeer, Alberta
Location of Compeer in Alberta

Compeer is a hamlet in east-central Alberta, Canada within Special Area No. 4.[1][2] Previously an incorporated municipality, Compeer dissolved from village status on December 31, 1936 to become part of Improvement District No. 331.[3]

Compeer is located on an abandoned track of the Railink Central Western railway, north of Highway 12 and west of the Alberta–Saskatchewan border. It is approximately 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) east of Altario.

Founded in 1901, Compeer was a spot Aboriginals used to camp. Its literal meaning is camp here. When explorers came to Compeer, natives told them to camp here. Due to a misinterpretation, explorers thought the area was called Compeer.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 51°51′34″N 110°00′47″W / 51.85944°N 110.01306°W / 51.85944; -110.01306 (Compeer)