Competition of Paso Horses in Trujillo

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Competition of Paso Horses in Trujillo
Trujillo, Cuna del Caballo de Paso Peruano.JPG
Chalanes Trujillanos riding in Paso Horses in Víctor Larco District
Genre Costumbrist Festival
Frequency annual
Location(s) Trujillo city, Peru

Competition of Paso Horses in Trujillo is a contest held in Trujillo city located at northern Peru. These competitions organized by the Association of Breeders and Owners of Paso Horses in La Libertad have as principal participants to the traditional Chalanes (riders) and Peruvian Paso horses in the city are celebrated annually. The care and training of Paso horses in this place is a very old tradition. Trujillo is known and considered as the Cradle of the typical Peruvian Paso Horse[1] as well as the Capital of Culture of Peru[2] so as the Capital of the Marinera dance, which is one of the most important cultural symbols in Peru.


In the city the contests of Paso Horses are organized by the Association of Breeders and Owners of Paso Horses in La Libertad, the best known and most important are The National Competition Paso Horses being done within the framework of the International Spring Festival made between September and October[3] and in the Festival and International Competition of Marinera in January.[4] Peruvian government has declared this kind of horses as Nation's cultural heritage.[5]

Principal competitions[edit]

Peruvian paso in Marinera festival[edit]

This competition is held during the Trujillo Marinera Festival in January of every year.[6]

Peruvian Paso dancing marinera

Peruvian Paso in Spring festival[edit]

During Trujillo Spring Festival in September and October of every year is celebrated a Peruvian Paso contest with the presence of horses from several regions of Peru.[6]

A Chalan in a Paso horse dancing marinera with a lady 


Peruvian Paso horses
Peruvian Paso at night 
Peruvian Paso in a parade in Victor Larco District

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