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Complete Works of William Shakespeare is the standard name given to any volume containing all the plays and poems of William Shakespeare. Some editions include several works which were not completely of Shakespeare's authorship (collaborative writings), such as The Two Noble Kinsmen, which was a collaboration with John Fletcher; Pericles, Prince of Tyre, the first two acts of which were likely written by George Wilkins; or Edward III, whose authorship is disputed.

Selected editions[edit]

The various editions of the Complete Works include a number of university press releases, as well as versions released from larger publishing companies. The Complete Works (especially in older editions) are often sought after by book collectors, and a number of binderies and publishing houses have produced leather bound and gilded releases for luxury book collecting.

Both mainstream and academic publishing companies have released multiple editions and versions of their own collections of Shakespeare's work, often updated periodically. Multiple editors contribute to the processes of laying out the Complete Works, and many times either the main editor, publishing company, or university's name is included in the title. (For instance, the Complete Works published by the Arden company is often referred to as the Arden Shakespeare, and the edition produced by Yale University called the Yale Shakespeare.)

Publisher editions[edit]

Academic editions[edit]


  • Because of the vastness of the Complete Works, it is rare for anyone to tackle them in their entirety in a short period. However, in 2006–2007, the Royal Shakespeare Company performed the Complete Works in a single season, "the most ambitious project in its history".[1]
  • In 1987 Adrian Hilton acquired a Guinness World Record for reciting the Complete Works non-stop, enduring 5 days without sleep.[2]

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