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A composition book is one of a type of stock-bound notebook commonly used by writers and students in America. Although available in several colors, the original marbled black-and-white cover, with its generic label on the front, is the overwhelming favorite. The paper in a composition book is traditionally lined in blue to aid writing, and has a vertical line for a margin on the left hand of every page. Traditionally the back cover of such a book had a table of the weights and measures of the English (imperial) system printed on it for children to refer to; however, this feature has become less common in countries that have adopted the metric system. Sometimes a multiplication table or grammar or punctuation tips are also found on the inside back cover.

Composition books are traditionally bound through the fold - that is, the pages are folded, and stitched vertically along the fold. This makes them significantly more durable than loose-leaf pads or spiral notebooks.

A composition book. The black and white pattern is common for composition books.