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In mathematics, the kth compound matrix (sometimes referred to as the kth multiplicative compound matrix) ,[1] of an matrix A is the matrix formed from the determinants of all submatrices of A, i.e., all minors, arranged with the submatrix index sets in lexicographic order.


Let a be a complex number, A be a m × n complex matrix, B be a n × p complex matrix and In the identity matrix of order n × n.

The following properties hold:

  • If m = n (that is, A is a square matrix), then
  • If A is invertible, then


The computation of compound matrices appears in a wide array of problems.[2]

For instance, if is viewed as the matrix of an operator in a basis then the compound matrix is the matrix of the -th exterior power in the basis . In this formulation, the multiplicativity property is equivalent to the functoriality of the exterior power.[3]

Compound matrices also appears in the determinant of the sum of two matrices, as the following identity is valid:[4]

Numerical computation[edit]

In general, the computation of compound matrices is non effective due to its high complexity. Nonetheless, there is some efficient algorithms available for real matrices with special structures.[5]


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