Compressed file library

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Compressed file library
Developer(s) Fathammer Ltd
Written in C++
Operating system Cross-platform
Type data compression
License Public domain software[1]
Compressed file library
Filename extension .cfl
Type of format data compression
Container for archive format, file system

A compressed file library (CFL) is designed to work as a virtual file system for programs, especially for video games. By compressing various game resources into one file, it is able to lower the number of file accesses. The resources can also be encrypted in the CFL.

CFL is used by X-Forge, the multi-platform wireless 3D game engine developed by Fathammer Ltd. It is also used by IMVU for its 3D character models and accessories.

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  1. ^ Code "These sources have been released to the public domain without any warranty. All I wish is that you would send me an email if you use any of them. I will consider releasing more code if there is interest. Or when I feel like it."

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