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The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) is the oldest major industrial and medical gas association in the world. In January 1913, Robert King sent a letter to the 75 manufacturers of compressed gases in the United States inviting them to attend a meeting in New York for the purpose of organizing a new industry association: the Compressed Gas Manufacturers Association. By March of the same year, the Association moved into offices in New York City. By 1914, the Association had 77 U.S. members and 5 Canadian members. The name of the Association was changed in 1948 to include not only manufacturers of compressed gases, but also manufacturers of cylinders, regulators, valves and other equipment in the industry. Members today include many of the major industrial gases companies such as Linde Gas.

Since 1914, CGA focused its efforts on the development of industry standards, the pursuit of uniform government regulations, and on technical and safety matters. This philosophy that CGA is a “technical association” has been largely responsible for the acceptance of CGA standards among government regulatory agencies through the U.S. and Canada. The Association’s divisions and technical committees conduct ongoing safety seminars and video programming in both online and offline formats. Additionally, the Association has ties with governmental organizations such as the FDA and DHS, many of whom sanction CGA standards and implement them on a federal level.

The Handbook of Compressed Gases has been endorsed by CGA since 1966 and is now in its fourth revision. The handbook offers comprehensive information on compressed gases as well as equipment specifications, and procedures for the safe handling, storage, transportation, and use of these products.

Since its founding in 1913, CGA has published nearly 300 standards and related publications, many of which have been adopted by governmental agencies in the United States and Canada. CGA works internationally to harmonize these standards for worldwide use. Currently, CGA has over 125 members.

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