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Computer Age Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
FoundedIndia (1988 (1988))
HeadquartersM.G.R.Salai, Nungambakkam, ,
Key people
Anuj Kumar (CEO)
Srikanth Tanikella , (COO)
N Ravi Kiran - Head New Business
  • Services to Mutual Funds, PAN/TIN Services, Payment Services, Services to Private Insurance Companies, Alternate Investment Fund, Banks & NBFCs, National Pension System, CAMS Insurance Repository & KYC Services
Number of employees

Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) is a Mutual Fund Transfer Agency[1] to the Indian Asset Management Companies with a share of 65% [2] of the assets under management (AuM). The company was incorporated in year 1988. CAMS is co-owned by - NSE Investments Limited, HDFC Bank group (a financial services conglomerate),Warburg Pincus LLC (a leading global private equity) and Acsys Investments Private Limited (the founding promoter) headquartered in Chennai, India.


CAMS was founded in early 1988 by V Shankar as a start-up in the area of Software Development and Computer Education. This was a promising venture, and for a period of 3–4 years in the early 90s, it was one of the establishments in Chennai, similar to NIIT in the education domain.

During Y2K, CAMS decided that the domestic financial services was the area on focus, and the area of operation in managed services among the IT services.

The Indian Financial Services went through a renaissance in the period 1997/8-2006/7, with changes in regulation, products and supporting infrastructure. Financial businesses, always early adopters, started taking advantage of technology and networking to facilitate their business, and CAMS pivoted into what are now known as Platform based services to the Indian Financial industry. In 2000 the HDFC Group invested into CAMS,[3] facilitating in its chosen businesses. In 2007 the company accepted a PE investor to further facilitate help in its operations. In early 2014 India’s Stock Exchange, the NSE, took a position in the Company.[4]

CAMS started off with a team of 20 personnel and started to process Transfer Agency operations during the early nineties. CAMS had handled IPOs like IPCA Laboratories, Wockhardt Ltd, NCD issues of RPPL, RPEL, Crossland Research Labs Ltd etc. CAMS was also known for processing the first ever allotment of Cars for Ford Escort Model, launched during 1996 by Ford India Pvt Ltd.

With the advent of close-ended Mutual Funds, CAMS was involved in processing of Indian Bank Mutual Fund and later started to handle the operations of Alliance Capital Mutual Fund. This was the first Open Ended Mutual Fund of CAMS. CAMS also handled the oldest of Indian Mutual Funds like JM Mutual Fund, ITC Threadneedle, Zurich India Mutual Fund, Sun & FC Mutual Fund, Dundee Mutual Fund, Taurus Mutual Fund etc.

As of Dec 2018, CAMS employs about 7000+ people and offers varied services to the Mutual Funds, Insurance and Banking industries through its network of 270+ locations all over India.[5]

Services Offered[edit]

Services to Mutual Funds using ERP kind of IT platform[edit]

  • Transaction acceptance and processing
  • Redemption and payout settlement and entire reconciliations
  • Record Keeping
  • Customer Service through pan India service centers, call center, web
  • White Label Call Center
  • Analytics
  • Brokerage computation and Payouts
  • Dividend issuance, dispatch and reconciliations
  • Business Continuity services
  • Distributors help desk and end to end servicing of all distributor queries
  • Document management and printing solutions
  • CAMS has launched My CAMS Services for Online Transactions..

Services for Private Equity & Venture Funds[edit]

  • Pre-Sales
  • Investor on-boarding services
  • MIS and reporting
  • Corporate action and Tax Support
  • Life cycle Management
  • Intermediaries Revenue Management
  • Notices and collection management
  • Services for Banks and Non-banking Finance Companies
  • Account Opening and Account Management
  • Customer Service
  • Instrument processing, reconciliation and Accounting
  • Help desk to support branch / vendor and DSAs

Services for Banks and Non Banking Finance Companies[edit]

  • Account opening Services for Banks
  • KYC Verification and validation
  • Systemic Integration with core systems of Banks
  • Peripheral services through homegrown BPM Solutions
  • Pre and Post sanction loan processing for NBFCs, Housing Finance Companies, SME Lenders
  • Disbursal of loans and file verification for approved loans
  • Credit Appraisal Memo (CAM) preparation for underwriting assistance
  • Detailed Non Discrepancy Checks (NDCs) and approval cum initiation of loan disbursals
  • Loyalty Loans through outbound calling and customer base enlargement assistance
  • Record Management Services
  • FATCA Compliance and reporting


As of December 2018, CAMS has all India presence with around 280+ Customer Service Centers (CSCs) and all these branches are linked on a real time.

These CSCs normally provide services to Mutual Fund, Insurance, Private Equity, KRA and NPS processes. In these CSCs, the customers have an option to enquire about their investments, obtain statement of accounts, seek portfolio valuations, buy, sell, switch mutual fund units, notify changes in their account details, register and submit KRA applications.

CAMS has enabled self-servicing through the investor and distributor services webpages on its website.


CAMSRep - CAMS Repository Services Ltd ("CAMSRep") – is licensed by IRDA to provide insurance repository services such as:

  • eInsurance Account creation
  • Conversion of New & Existing policies to e policies
  • Policy holder services
  • Account Maintenance

Outsourced Services to Private Insurance Companies[edit]

Marketing & Distribution including[edit]

  • Agency Appointment
  • Application Scrutiny and Processing along with Training Coordination
  • Agent On boarding

Branch Operations / Restructuring[edit]

  • Outsourced Branch Back Office Operations (including Implants)
  • Facility Management
  • Branch in Box
  • Collection Centers

Customer services ... Cams has over 280+ branches in all over India including rural and urban part of most states.It gives front office and back office services to the customer with the increase in banking and financial services.

Policy Administration & Policy Servicing[edit]

  • Receiving and Processing requests without accessing original database
  • Both Financial and non-financial transactions
  • Banking


  • Reminders for Premium Payment, Premium Collection
  • Cheque pick-up & banking, Receipting & Payout Processing
  • Customer and Agent related payments and ECS Management

CAMS KRA[edit]

CAMS Investor Services Pvt Ltd ("CAMS KRA") is a SEBI registered KYC Registration Agency (KRA) providing KYC registration services[6] and maintains KYC records of the investors centrally, on behalf of capital market intermediaries registered with SEBI, eliminating the need to repeat KYC. The details of services offered are:

CAMS KRA Online Services for Clients (Their Website)

  • KYC Status Enquiry
  • Forms download
  • Customer Services

CAMS KRA Online services for Intermediaries

  • Verify availability of PAN in CAMS KRA or other KRAs (Inter-operability)
  • Upload of New KYC data
  • Enter data for New KYC applicant
  • Scan and upload KYC documents
  • KYC document dispatch tracking
  • Integration with other KRAs for seamless data exchange on KYC
  • Download clients’ data maintained by CAMS KRA
  • View of clients’ data maintained by CAMS KRA
  • Upload/ Download of KYC data changes

Sterling Software Pvt Ltd is subsidiary software solution provider of CAMS for Mutual Fund industries globally. Sterling supports all its service users like the Mutual Fund House, the Distributor and the Investor.

Sterling serves the requirements of Mutual Funds, Asset Management Companies, Fund Distributors and intermediaries. All its products are designed [7] and customized using Client Server Architecture for Oracle Databases with Microsoft .NET Platform and other Internet enabled front ends.

Memberships, Associations, Accreditations[edit]

CAMS is the founding member of Registrars Association of India (RAIN)[8] which was founded in the year 1991. RAIN is a representative body of Registrars and Share Transfer Agents in India.

CAMS is a member of The National Association of Software and Services Companies of the USA.[9] CAMS is an ISO 9001 – 2008, ISO 27001 compliant organization as well as being compliant to SOC 1 & 2 (UTC)standards Service Organization Controls Service Organization Controls


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