Computer Game Review

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Computer Game Review
Categories Video and computer game magazine
Frequency Monthly
Year founded 1991
Final issue 1996
Country USA
Language English

Computer Game Review was a print monthly magazine covering both computer gaming and video gaming. The magazine was started in 1991.[1] Also known as Computer Game Review and 16-Bit Entertainment, and then later as Computer Game Review and CD-Rom Entertainment. The headquarters of the magazine which was part of Sendai Publication Group was in Lombard, Illinois.[2][3]

Reviews typically consisted of a short, impartial synopsis of plot and gameplay, with separate scores assigned subjectively by each of three reviewers. Games were rated out of 100, and if the game received a high enough ranking it would receive either a Platinum or Golden Triad Award.

The magazine folded in 1996, when Sendai Media Group was bought by Ziff-Davis, owner of the competing Computer Gaming World.[3]


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