Computer Shopper (UK magazine)

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Computer Shopper
Computer Shopper UK magazine September 1989.jpg
September 1989 issue
Editor Chris Finnamore
Categories Computer magazine
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 15,177 Jan-Dec 2016
Year founded 1988
Company Dennis Publishing Ltd.
Country United Kingdom
Language British English
ISSN 0955-8578

Computer Shopper is a magazine published monthly since 1988 in the UK by Dennis Publishing Ltd.. It contains reviews of home computers, consumer technology and software as well as technology-focused news, analysis and feature articles.

The current editorial staff include Chris Finnamore (editor), Seth Barton (features editor), David Ludlow (group editor), Tom Morgan (product editor), Katherine Byrne (senior staff writer), Richard Easton (staff writer) and Michael Passingham (staff writer). Contributors of columns, features and specialist reviews include Mel Croucher, Kay Ewbank, Mike Bedford, Simon Handby, Ben Pitt, David Robinson and Gordon Holmes.


The first section of the magazine is dedicated to columns, opinions and the Letters pages. This is followed by several news spreads on recent developments in the technology industry.

The magazine claim's the "UK's biggest reviews section" with much of the magazine devoted to product tests of the latest hardware. The Reviews section is typically occupied by desktop PCs, laptops, PC components, smartphones, tablets, cameras, displays and printers. This section of new products is typically followed by two or three Group Tests which pitch ten or more similar products against one another to find an overall Best Buy. Previous tests have included budget laptops, cloud storage providers, action cameras and gaming PCs.

The Best Buys section of the magazine is updated monthly to reflect the latest products the editorial team has deemed the overall best choice(s) in each area of consumer technology.

Two or three longer-form feature articles follow the reviews section, focusing on the wider world of technology and its applications in various industries. Recent features have included a history of coding, a guide on how to build racing, flight and train simulators as well as more consumer-focused features on broadband and mobile coverage.

The magazine is tailed by several tutorial pages including Advanced Projects, Web Expert, Multimedia Expert, Business Help and Helpfile.

The final page of the magazine is traditionally occupied by the Zygote column and the Great Moments in Computing comic.


Computer Shopper's online presence is branded as Expert Reviews, Dennis Publishing's consumer technology website. The editor of the website is Seth Barton.


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