ConIFA European Football Cup

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ConIFA European Football Cup
Founded 2015
Region International (Europe) (Confederation of Independent Football Associations)
Most successful team(s)  Padania (2 titles)
2017 CONIFA European Football Cup

The CONIFA European Football Cup is an international football tournament organized by CONIFA, an umbrella association for states, minorities, stateless peoples and regions unaffiliated with FIFA, planned to be held every two years beginning with 2015. The 2017 edition was in Northern Cyprus.[1]


Hungary 2015[edit]

In June 2014 CONIFA announced plans to organize the ConIFA European Football Cup. 3 FAs applied to host the tournament: Abkhazia, Ellan Vannin and Nagorno Karabakh.[2] Ellan Vannin was announced as host on August 6.[3] However, in March 2015, at the draw for the competition, the tournament was moved as a result of logistical issues; Székely Land was announced as the replacement host, with the competition to be held in Hungary.[4]

Northern Cyprus 2017[edit]

In January 2017 CONIFA announced via their official Twitter account that the 2017 edition of the CONIFA European Football Cup would take place in Northern Cyprus.[5] The competition would feature 8 teams, 2 more than in 2015.


Year Host Winner Score Runner-up Third place Score Fourth place Number of teams
Hungary Debrecen  Padania 4–1  County of Nice  Isle of Man 1–1
5–3 (p)
Felvidek (Upper Hungary) football flag.png Felvidék 6
 Northern Cyprus  Padania 1–1
3–2 (p)
 Northern Cyprus Székely Land Székely Land 3–1  Abkhazia 8


  • 1st — Champions
  • 2nd — Runners-up
  • 3rd — Third place
  • 4th — Fourth place
  • GS — Group Stage
  • q — Qualified for upcoming tournament
  •  ••  — Qualified but withdrew
  •  •  — Did not qualify
  •  ×  — Did not enter / Withdrew / Banned / Entry not accepted by CONIFA
  •    — Hosts

For each tournament, the number of teams in each finals tournament (in brackets) are shown.

Team 2015
Székely Land
Northern Cyprus
Total participations
 Abkhazia •• 4th 1/2
 County of Nice 2nd •• 1/2
Isle of Man Ellan Vannin 3rd GS 2/2
Felvidek (Upper Hungary) football flag.png Felvidék 4th GS 2/2
*Flag of Franconia.svg Franconia •• 0/2
Flag of Transcarpathian Oblast.svg Kárpátalja GS 1/2
 Monaco •• 0/2
 Artsakh •• 0/2
 Northern Cyprus •• 2nd 1/2
 Occitania •• •• 0/2
 Padania 1st 1st 2/2
 Raetia 0/2
 Romani people GS 1/2
 Sápmi •• •• 0/2
 South Ossetia •• GS 1/2
Székely Land Székely Land GS 3rd 2/2
Westarmeniaflag.jpg Western Armenia 0/2