Conan of Cornwall

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Bishop of Cornwall
Appointed between July 924 and 932
Term ended between 937 and 955
Successor Daniel of Cornwall
Consecration between July 924 and 932
Personal details
Died between 946 or 953 and November 955
Denomination Christian

Conan was a medieval Bishop of Cornwall.

Conan was nominated by King Æthelstan.[1] He was consecrated between July 924 and 932. He died between 946 or 953 and November 955.[2]

However, in the view of historian D. P. Kirby, it was almost certainly in 936 that Æthelstan "established Bishop Conan at St. Germans".[3]


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Christian titles
Preceded by
Bishop of Cornwall
c. 926–c. 950
Succeeded by
Daniel of Cornwall