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Concepción (Spanish for "conception," in reference to the Immaculate Conception of Mary, mother of Jesus, according to Roman Catholic Church doctrine; occasionally styled "Concepcion" without any accent mark) is the name of several towns and cities and a Spanish-language surname and feminine given name.

The largest city named Concepción is Concepción, Chile, the conurbation of which is home to over one million people.

Entities bearing the name Concepción or Concepcion include the following:

Cities, regions, and geographic features[edit]



  • Concepción, American-built ironclad ship that served in the Chilean Navy under the name Concepción
  • Concepcion, ship initially participating in the Magellan–Elcano circumnavigation
  • Concepción, colonial-era Spanish ship
  • El Concepcion (Nuestra Señora de la Limpia y Pura Concepcion), sunk in 1641 at the Silver Bank off what is now the Dominican Republic

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