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Gaëtan Beaujannot (left) and Alain Rivollet (right) presenting Concept in 2013.
Concept during play.

Concept is a 2014 board game developed by Alain Rivollet and Gaëtan Beaujannot and published by Repos. It was nominated for the Jeu de l'année prize in Cannes in 2014.


Concept is a quiz board game where players have to guess a concept, which can be a word, a name, or a phrase. Hints about the concept are given by marking the concept, its attributes, and related concepts on the game board with different-coloured markers. Giving verbal hints is not allowed.

The official rules state that the game is played with teams of two players each. On each team's turn, they draw a card and choose a concept from there. Each card has three difficulty levels (blue, red and black) with three concepts each.

The team then places a green question mark on the picture illustrating the main point of the concept. They can then further specify the concept with green cubes defining the attributes of the concept and optionally also specify related concepts with red, blue, yellow and black exclamation points and accordingly coloured cubes.

The other teams then try to guess the concept. The player who guesses correctly gains one double VP (Victory Point) token while the team who chose the concept gain one single VP token each. The game then proceeds with the next team.

Once every double VP token has been used, the game ends. The player with the most VPs wins.

The game rules state that using teams is not mandatory, the game can also be played with each player playing against each other.

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